Some Blonde Joke Quickies
Signs for "every" job!
Why Orgasms?
Shared Decision Making
Bear Hunting
Accidents near home
Don\\\'t Mess With The I.R.S!
The Rules Of Bedroom Golf!
A Blonde and a Waitress
Polish Space Program
Blonde protection
Stupid Insults 18/31
Amish and the Fuzz!
The best bar in the world...
Creative Answering Machine Messages
On the right track?
Iraqi Pilots
The Honeymoon.
Caught napping excuses!
Top 10 Rejection Lines Given By Men
Pillsbury Doughboy Dead at 71!
Real Police Stories.
Libertarians & Anarchists
Billy-Bob and Billi-Jo
Cow Joke
Clinton strikes out.
How many men?
Blonde Shoots Herself
Wrong Shirt
Horny Rooster
Ernie the Hamster
At the Bull acution.
The Anninversary
Insult Collection #1
Samples Needed
Supermarket Cart
Definition of a Wife!
Stand Over There
Yo mama\\\\\\\'s so fat
Soup you don\'t want to eat.
The Raffle Ticket
Smokey and the Bandit
Exerise For The Nonathletic
Why 40 Years of Sex Life
Driving in the Fog and...
The class reunion!
Senior's Thoughts (Classic)
Thoughts From Women...
Forgive me I have sinned...
Never argue with kids
List of rules of being a guy:
You Must Be A Redneck If
The new father!
Park Registration Sheet Comments
Joining the Lord\'s Army.
I\'ll Come Home When...
Blonde Nurse?
Nice Parrot
I Love You
Two zebras pondering
Holy Camel
ABC's of ex girlfriends
Filling in for St. Peter
How do you make a dead baby float?
Meet Roy the drunk!
Upgrade to Wife 1.0
Short Lawyer Jokes II
Clinton Strikes again
Best In The World
Lawyer and Sperm
Low Sperm Count
Blonde male
Nowhere, Vermont
Little Johnny Answers.
Bart at the chalkboard!
Brrr Its Cold
Who Enjoys Sex More?
Classified Funny Ads
Pink and Purple
Beer Contains Female Hormones
Mark Your Calendar
Writtin in urine
A guy was in a bar, and asked for some milk...
The "Polish Virus".
Not so wise
Beetle Experiment
Insult Collection #10
Osama/Taliban Jokes
Never Lend Money
The Hunting Dog
What did the blind man say when he was handed a cheese grater?
Odd Wedding Gifts
The Other Side
The Answer: A Cockrobin.
Screwy Date
Martha Stewart vs Me
Driving Violations
By the Lantern Light
Forrest Gump goes to heaven...
Top 10 signs of a bad christmas tree.
A life-long city man, tired of the rat race...
Husband\'s Excuse
Window Seat
The worm hole!
Disgruntled Genie
Wear A Condom
The Diet
Polak Signal Lights
Did you here about the new atomic cocktail?
Feeling like a woman!
Superman & Wonderwoman
An angel wrote...
For the man I love.
The General\'s Temperature
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding through...
Tuns of Puns! Part II
Why is 6 scared of 7 ?
Musical Instruments
A woman went down to the Welfare Office to get aid...
Hooker Progress
Polak Is Mugged
New Lawyer
Blondes r thick?!
My boy(s) Leroy!
Granny and the Cop.
Standing At The Gates Of Heaven
I knew it was true...I knew it!
Buried in sand
Baby Sitting
Its a Matter of Perspective
Anything you want!
Retractions by the NY Times in 1998
Happy To Have Me Home!
Tax On Sale
Dirty Dishes!
Money Quotes
Macintosh Computers
The Twelve Politically-Correct Days of Christmas
Polish Air Disaster
Diff Between Gender Dreams
Clinton in History
More Wonderments!
Money Talks!
Knock Knock Ketchup
Bake A Long Time
Jones or Lewinsky?
Bill Gates, the Antichrist
Blonde Friday
For Bird Lovers!
Signs and notices 21
Cliff Hanger
Headline - read all about it!
M&M Factory
Standing Still
What Happiness!
Viagra again.
Why do Farts stink?
The Marv Albert Song
Doctor Sex
Miscellaneous yo mama jokes
Meet the Schitts!
Call the Doctor
A hearty breakfast
You have to read the whole thing -- Home Economics
The Astronaut Joke
Insurance Form Statements
Think you\'re having a bad day!
Children Books You Won\'t See
New Experience
Signs and notices 10
A Blonde In Flight School
What's in a name anyway.
I Said the F Word
Finally Figured Out Women
So in love
50 facts about Men
Canadian Talk
Knock Knock Jokes 9
Royal Greetings?
Chapter Eleven
Whats worse than shit on Olivia Newton Johns face?
A Mother at 65!
Age Quotes
Wife Is a Car Feature
Signs You Took Y2K Too Serious
10 things to never say to a naked man...
25 facts of life
Why A Hole In Their Penis
Macho Man
Adam Accused By Eve!
Typewriter To Doctor
Top Things You Should Not Say At A Funeral
Immature Wife
7 Shots of Vodka!
Bonds And Men
Don't Erase This
The Grocery Store.
Nun Attacked by Gorilla
Soldier's Ambition
Why, why, Tell me WHY!
What happens if you put a blonde up side down?
Blondes and Bras
Fancy Plate
The Less You Know, The More You Make
Stupid Insults 22/31
No Brakes
I Spy
Pull Lever - End World!
Pinocchio Kidnapped!
Oh Boy...more warning signs!
Life Quotes
Gates gets punishment
Whose Job Is It?
One day the different parts of the body...
Blonde on computer
New viruses discovered!
Best Part
If Timex made toasters...
Behind the Hedge
Men And Lino
Man\'s Worst Nightmare
The Brass Rat
Making Ends Meet
Daughters are curious
Before you criticize someone...
Help me Doc!
Elephant vs Ants Soccer Game
The Origin of Chapstick
Women Bashing (oh-oh)
Literal Actions
Driving Test Answers
Burning Sensation
Death by Stabbing
Will you rember me??
My daughter\'s a good girl!
1,000 lawyers...
The 3 Guys in a Plane
Name It
Here's Little Johnny!...
Off to Vegas
The hooker and her gramma.
Constipated Polak
Two pieces of string walk into a bar...
Painting in the nude.
If there is H2O on the inside of a fire hydrant...
The new merger name game!
Knights of Columbus and Shriners
Body parts
Like GST
Bullfrog Does Oral Sex
What did Jesus do when he got to the Holiday Inn?
Magicians Secret
Question On Breastfeeding
Stupid Insults 4/31
God being a man.
Ostrich & Pussy Cat
Husband Looks Bad
Love, Lust, or Marriage?
Raggedy Anne
You just might be a Redneck if...
Sleep Deprivation
Tough guy eh?
Maybe next time.
Nun on a date
Betcha $500.00!
Food Order
New Virgin
Yo mamma so stupid...
Our Stupid Apartments On Fire!
How I got my name?
Frying Pan
She Wants What He Has
Knock Knock Jokes 5
Only Time
A Horse walks into a Bar
The Stub
Bar Chatup
Copying Paper
At The Pearly Gates
Pick Up Line Rejections!
Paradox of Woman
Very expensive Barbie Doll!
Half A Brain
Bill and Hillary...
Current Charges
New Words Needed (woo-hoo!)
Adam and Eve
Darwin Awards
Death of Energizer Bunny
Insurance Claim
Hypothetical Question
Even More Blonde Q and A
Married at a Nudist Colony
A look at the Iraqi TV Guide.
God and Adam
A Woman's Random Thoughts
Yo\' Momma is...
Lose Weight
Colorado Crazy Law
Bubba and Junior!
The Enchanted Snake
Nosy husband...
Majorly Busted
The first pitch!
Country Name
Blonde History Lesson.
Let me through!
What did the egg say to the boiling water?
Doctor, Doctor!
5 Good Reasons Not To...
Who Is God?
Golf Genie
Marriage Quotes 5
Truth Be Told
Role Reversal
Things Not To Do At A Hostage Negotiation
Penis Tax
Colors of Your Sex
The Rabbi wants a raise.
10 Rejected Sat. Morning Cartoons
Murphys Law on Love and Sex
Just doing his job!
Excited Preacher
My Car Is Shtolen!
The Difference is......
Signs and notices 19
Looking for some help...
Cannibal and Clown
Three mistresses
Confusing women!!
Ways to Terrorize a Telemarketer
The great escape!
Accidental Meeting
Three Dickless Guys
Definition of an anesthesiologist
Big Memory Problem
Poor froggy
The grasshopper joke!
Pick up line
Stupid people stories
Holy water
Give 100%
Santa, we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re worried about you.
Men Are Like Popcorn
Making Babies
Stupid Insults 17/31
Ruler to Bed
Energizer Bunny
What denomination?
True Newspaper Headlines...OY!
The Y2K Blonde!
Cat joke
Polak Lunch
Boy or Girl
Request for a raise :)
Mailman Here?
Back From the Dead
Bill Clinton vs JFK
The parrot who wouldn\\\'t talk.
Newly Wed Couple
Green Lipstick
80 year old man
I\\\\\\\'m Invisible
Charlie Brown in the 90's
Signs and notices 02
So what is your name?
Looking forward to old age.
Real Men
Avoiding Wrong Career Riddle
Camel betting
Little johnny at school
Blonde and the Western
Viagra ingredients revealed!
Entering into Heaven
Heaven or Hell?
Remember during wars
Fulfilling their requests
Smooth Flying
Crime=Idiots=Don't Pay!
No Arms and No Legs
Husband\'s Average Income?
Can You Read This?
Naughty Night Before Christmas
Last 10 Things Any Woman Would Ever Say
Who's job is it?
Fired Up
Dating Terms
Blonde Joke plus...
Laws of Life
Wrong Diagnosis
The Hooker And The Dug Dealer
Clinton\'s Son
Puppies don't surf...
Blonde orders a drink.
Yo mamma\'s so fat!
Hungry Beggar
Say Again?
Walk through the park
Monica at the Dry Cleaners
What men say & what it
The Facts of Life:
Being Offensive At A Wedding
Dealing with a lawyer
Polak Locked His Keys In Car
We got a lot of those.
The Pearly Gates Computer
Texan Computer Terms
Ebonics Christmas
Fun Tonight?
Dead Ringer, Part II
Some rude :)
Kennedys, light bulbs
Phrases For Everyday Life
Picking Personal Hell
No Smoking Here
Recalled Christmas Toys
Lucky dog
The Rookie Cop...
M and M's are too smart!
Slip of the tongue
Knock Knock Jokes 13
His And Hers Road Trip
Dominated Spouses
Applying For A Job
The Farmer's Prize Goat
The rain cloud.
Who Needs A Husband?
The funniest blonde jokes
The Crazies
Lovely gift
Polish Burial At Sea
My twenty cents
George Carlin: I'm a BAD American
A Microsoft Tale
To Fry a Peter
Surgeon General Warnings
Biblical Bumper Stickers
Why Studying Is Better Than Sex
Whats the difference...
The Missionary!
3 Shots of Whiskey
Drinking, Gambling, and Golf
Only in America!
Why, How, and Ifs?
Many Sayings On Love And Sex
Macho man!
Not raising hogs
Twice Over
The Shoplifter...
Vincent Van Gogh\\\'s relatives:
What is an activity performed by 40% of all people at a party?
Who won the race?
What's for Dinner?
Great Gifts
Quiz Show
What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?
No Parking
Helping To Clean The Dishes
Off The Field
Mutual Orgasm Riddle
Dirty Words
Pregnancy Advice...
Thor the God of Love
Smitty the Parrot\'s Birthday
Rules Guys wished Girls knew...
Think YOU are having a bad day? . . .
Riddle Of Men
The burglar and the parrot
Make Me A Newfie
Bowling for Blondes!
Pretty Big
Grant Bar and Casino
Real quotes from real people!
Longer Life
Read the label first!
Nose Picking Glossary
A Drinking Problem
Wanted: Woman!
Pocket Drinker
My Only Extravagance
Santa Takes Out the Male Deer
Ghosts and the Ricki Lake Show
Now That We\'re Married
In Deep Shit
Words of Wisdom!
The 3 convicts.
One for the Mrs!
Eye-Popping Tongue Twister
Classic Oxymoron
Mother In Law Had Friends
Mime in the forest
The dead redneck!
My Grandparents
Sherlock Holmes and Matthew Watson were on a camping and hiking trip...
What is a blondes way of safe sex?
Ways A Nerd Can Impress
Successful Operation
Raccoon\'s Will
In Just 3 Words...
Do you know what a dog and a screen door have in common?
How shit happens!
Create a Hallmark Moment!
Kleenex anyone?
Finding A Penis
Hello Mother, Hello Father (song)
Polak In the Desert
How Come?
Did you hear that Oprah Winfrey was arrested at the airport for drug smuggling?
Like Corn Flakes
Black and White, and Red all over?
The 9 Types of Girlfriends
Low Sex Drive
Great Reasons To Be A Guy
Lawyer's Translation
A good sport!
Sheep Shagging
Knock Knock Jokes 1
The Mummy!
Deep Dark Secrets
Wedding Toasts 6
Clinton Fart
How true it is.
Standing in Line
He's going to Heaven
You Know You're in New York City When...
Redneck Working on Computer
Female Homones in beer?
Nice Car!
Tuns of PunsGalore - Part I
Secret Gov't Project Revealed...
He\'s Light Of Her Life
Blonde quickies 21-40
Proud Of Daddy
What I Want In A Man!
Eucalyptus Road
A Hookers Life
Grandpa\'s Safe Sex
The Kennedys
Second Opinion
Tips for driving people insane!
Good Girls - Bad Girls
Blonde in the appliance store
New Dinosaur Theory?
Hidden in the Attic!
What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a 4-leaf clover?
Wedding Prank
The damn ham
Cold Remedy
Who's This Guy
Male-Bashing at it's best!
Humor from the Smithsonian
True Lawyer Statements
Your Daughter is Pregnant
Which Secretary To Hire?
Blonde Trivia
Blonde quickies 161-180
Quote and counter-quote.
Jewish Girl
Top 10 Bumper Stickers!
Men Are Like.......
JokesGalore defines farts!
So Relieved!
Congressional Question?
Rude, Crude, and Lewd!
The Rude Parrot
Chicken and the road thru history.
Yard Work Sign Language
What is
The Walrus
Show Me Your License
No More Fooling!
Late Payment Letter
You're hooked if...
Van and the Queen
The Lady with no legs or arms.
Some thoughts for today...
Crew Cut
19 putdowns and rejections!
Ponder these!
Seven Dwarfs Classic
To jump or not to jump
Wandering Tribes
New Viagra Product Lines!
Blonde quickies 101-120
Tee Time!
Signs Your Car Might Be A Lemon
Signs you\'ve grown up!
Top Ten Television Shows in Iraq
Blow In Their Ear
Talking Dirty
Rabbi Wizard
Get a Life
Elephants Jokes 4 Kids Galore
Assassin Interview
Rein Him In
Tooth Fairy's Form Letter
Afternoon Quickie
What men would do if they had a vagina for a day
I hurt all over!
Tell me a Story!
A Man is a Wasp?
One year at halloween the governor was giving a costume party...
Factory Workers
Mysteries of T.V.
Owed Two A Spell Chequer
Check Him Out
A Man's World
Things That Took Me Fifty Years To Learn
Preganat wife? Avoid these!
Two Parrots
You are under arrest!
The Blonde Nun
Tons of Yo Mamma Jokes
The Whales.
I\\\'m glad I\\\'m a man
She\'s Smoking
Angry Truck Driver
Did you hear about the queer deaf mute?
General Kitchy Kitchy
Imagine this.
Grandmother Too
Bad News 4
The funeral!
What happened to the Pope when he visited Mount Olive?
Why Dogs Don't Use Computers
The Preist and the Nun
Who Suffered?
How does a blond turn on the light after sex
The Diaper
Golf "is" a Drag!
Paying the Dentist
Your Funeral
The Final FBI Test
Death by Job Title!
Chinese dog treat
Like and Love
What Can I Get?
A few Polish jokes.
No Irish Lawyers?
The stranded lawyers!
A man eating at restaurant says to his waiter...
Lager Prayer
Choices, Choices
The Flood
Two blondes in heaven
As Long As A Cat\'s Tail
Not So Dumb
Tech Support (Classic)
New Yorkers arrived
Early shopping trip.
Tuns of Puns! Part I
Children\'s worst book titles!
Why do men die first
Matrimony Tips For Women
America Offline
Matador Special
Insult Collection #17
Polak Catches Wife In Affair
Holiday Season Conduct...
First Child
The Cat And the Milkman
What's the difference...
The farmer's wife.
Everything Gone!
Shakespearian Computer Story
The Inventor...
Married to a Sex Maniac
Food for Thought
How Many Women
Clever Teacher
Declaration Of Independence
Stupid Insults 12/31
Family Tree
Hit Television Shows in Iraq
Descriptions of people you may know!
The Chicken's
Oval office
Signs Of The 2000's
Cyber lingo for rednecks
Monk of little words.
Top10 reasons trick-or-treating is better than sex!
Nurses Revenge
Ethical Code for Patients
Cross With A Blonde
Satisfaction Guaranteed
A Letter From Barbie
In A Circle
Blonde with a cellphone...oh-oh!
One for dirty minds!
More Monica Jokes!
Me Too
Gas Prices vs ?
Texan Heimlich Maneuver
What an idiot!
Waiting to be sized
Women Quotes
Chinese laundry man
Mr. Clean
Super-Duper One-Liners!
The Cruise!
Surgeon Says
Breakfast, Lunch, & Supper!
Feminist Faux Pas
Good Lawyers?
Disney Password
Your Kind of Man
Phrases for Work.
Greek tailor.
Some famous lines in history!
Kidnapped by a redneck?
Mr. Johnson
Slammin \'em down!
Changing of the English Language
Bedroom Golf
Kinky Sex
The Trian!
Blonde Miracle Diet
A Cowboy and his Horse
History Lesson
Only Half Way to Norway
Name That Capital
Psychiatric Christmas Carols
Laws of ...
Lawyers Abode (Classic)
Love Quotes
Buckwheat and Darla
Things to do in the office when you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re bored
Bald Men
Why did the boy...
Sex Change
Mating Call
Old vs. Young!
Say When Giving Birth
Do you know how...
Name That Restaurant!
The Psychiatric Hotline
Another Dumb Viagra Joke
Help me...I'm hooked!
One for the Volunteers
Jumping on the bed
Toooooo Cute!
Ticket Please
Kewl Job Application!
Wailing Wall
Wrong instructions.
Measuring Monkey
Two Corpuscles
2 Drunk Guys
Jumping blonde
Stupid master
Men Should Listen
The Big Shake-up!
Some quick thinking!
Piano vs Mine Shaft
Going Down French Style!
Dumb Blonde Test
The Dirty Old Man...
Your Momma\'s So Fat..
Blonde and her job interview...
The Laws of Work...
Talk like an adult!
The Pearly Gates
The Wizard of Oz
Signs and notices 03
What\\\'s worse than a male chauvinist pig?
20 truths about men
Knock Knock Jokes 2
Blonde paints the porch
Learn how to talk southern
Dating Young Women
Smart Guys
Dear God (Christmas)
Perfect Girlfriend
Man's best friend.
Living on Earth
Desire Matures
Bill Clinton in Hell
Blonde screen door
How do you keep an idiot occupied?
Creation of Woman Problem
Yes What?
Cynic's Approach To Love
Alot Alike
Questions and Answers...whew!
A Fairy Tale
Frog Available
The new preacher.
God's Watching
Virtual Reality Not For Women
Measure Intelligence
Blonde in front of a firing squad.
What\\\\\\\'s invisible & smells like carrots?
No cookies for Grandpa.
Less Common Latin Phrases
Wrong Method
Arthritis is so cruel
Where do you see...
What do you see when the pillsbary dough boy bends over?
A Sleepwalker
3 kids
The Lion
You're a Statue
Church announcement bloopers!
Twas The Night...-why did I stop there?
Mr.Richman has 3daughters...
Stand up nuts!
Facts About Women
What\'s the Difference
Connecticut Crazy Law
Gulf War Remembered!
Preschoolers learn meat
The idiot drunk!
The Smart Clerk!
65 Bumper Stickers!
Blonde Kidnapper
M and M\'s
Try this on honey!
What my Mom taught me.
All I want for Cristmas...
Light and Hard
The Great Invasion
Bill Collector
Greek wedding
Bill Gates and the Lightbulb
Its Bedtime!
Two Rednecks
A convincing lesson
Sad News
Jesus is watching You
36 things you'll never hear from a Redneck!
Snow shoveler's diary. (LONG JOKE)
What kind of bunny.....
Blonde in a Circle
Hard To Get
Punny as they get! yee-haw!
The old lady in the bank
A Scrote
One-legged girl...
Blonde quickies 61-80
A Blonde Astronaut
Why Men Prefer Blondes
Why isn\'t gambling allowed in Africa?
Confucious say
Gross Ignorance
Can you pay the bill?
The Irish Wedding
The Scottsman!
Chicken and the Egg
Wooden Leg
The Barber
Xmas Like A Day At the Office
A Redneck Joke
Girls are evil
Let Me See
TGIF On Shoes
Disposition To Have Children
The Fish
Little Johnny and Sex Education
Charlie left town.
Blonde quickies 81-100
One Brilliant Kid!
Sliding Husband
Delaware Crazy Law
Blonde quickies 201-220
Georgia Crazy Law
Care to go upstairs?
Stupid Insults 11/31
On his Deathbed!
Polish Fisherman\'s Bag
GOD'S - Quality Management Questionnaire
Camel Questions
A Favor
Naughty, Naughty
Bunch of good one-liners
Success In Love
Flying Turtle
Top twenty things to do at a drivethru
Yo Momma\'s So Fat
Fitness Philoshophy - JG style!
A few lil' insults to remember.
Even more facts of life...
On the high seas!
Men\'s Pissing Rules
He Left A Little Space
Conflict of Interest
Polish Plane Landing
Ready for Parenting? Find out!
Men Exercise On the Beach
Warning: Ignore the parrot!
Victorias Secret...
The Old Monk
Out of a tree
Don\'t Say to Pregnant Wife
One-liners for kids.
Tasty Lawyer?
Crazy English!
Me and My Boss
Found In Superman's Bathroom
Health condition
Why Worry?
Dumber Sex
The Layoff
The Cowboy Code
Twelve Days of Xmas (Classic)
Buying the Farm...
Too much thinking...
Have you ever wondered why you wonder why?
Dumb Funnies!
Foolish Marriage
Man Need
Positive Outlooks on Life...
Who Says Men Don't Remember Anniversaries
Gay Basher
At the Club.
The Chicken and The Egg
Things to do visiting your Therapist
Blonde & Brunette
On the airline.
14 Things to do While Taking a Driver\'s Test
Five Maxims of Making Excuses
Left and Right
Snow blower
A Man And His Money
Redneck Driver\'s License Application
Four boastful men
Candybar Life
Turmoil In Heaven
The Punk and the Old Fart
Three-legged Dog
Bill Gates at the pearly gates!
Girlfriend Upgrades
Saving the Oppossum!
50 Fun Things To Do During An Exam
A Blonde's Bad Day
Lesbian Hit Parade
The Test!
Escaping from a lion
Bible Talk!
Tennis Elbow?
The Blonde and the Cheerios
The Darwin Awards-1996 Nominees
Get A Boarder
The loud-mouthed mechanic!
EMT response times.
If AOL Were A City...
Responsible Husband
A bar name
The puzzle.
Salami & the Talibuttheads
The Broken Clock
Condom Education.
The Night Before Christmas
TOP 10 reasons fishing beats sex!
An abstract joke
Toddler\'s Creed
Viagra Mickey Finn!
Auto Light
2 guys at the bar.
Stupid Questions?
A horse wanders into a bar and orders a tall one...
Bad Investment
A question of time
Bigfoot Blonde
Let me say grace!
Meet Bubba's Family!
Female Comebacks
Polak Sharing Treasure
One day Confucious say...
My Aunt
A Night Before Christmas Parody (Technical Version)
Jeff Foxworthy in the Middle ages
60 mintues
Forget it buddy!
Under The Truck
Better Late Than Never?........
Bounced Check
Snail Beer
Your Are Available?
Blonde Coyote
Random Thoughts
Tuns of Puns!
The Top 10 Signs You're Flying On A Bad Airline
CIA Agents and Bathroom
Dumb Blonde Crooks
Suzy\'s Legs
Real news headlines 03
Major Cause of Divorce
That\'s One
Hung Like An Elephant
Play Pens
Watcha Gonna Be Son?
On Alimony
A Train and a Teacher?
Messed up teeth
A duck
Little Girl\'s Questions
Lipstick on her steering wheel?
Armed Sleeper
Ole/Lena Reveal Unfaithful Moments
Public announcements
A couple few one-liners to enjoy!
Send Mother In Law
Bill The Duck
Costume party
The name of your wife
The "real story" of the three bears..
The lady and her house
Two Things To Worry About (Classic)
Friends and Enemies
Wedding Toast 3
Leroy's homework assignment...
Horny Mouse
Definitions By Gender
Insult Collection #7
Remember when.....
The good, bad, and ugly!
Bill\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Saxophone
What\\\'s a Blonde do after...
More Attention
Female Stages Of Life
The Oil Crisis
The devil\'s wife!
How to Blow your money !!
4 Doctors talk Politics!
What on earth!!!
More tail.
Nurse converse.
Swearing Parrot
Bathtime fun
Math Lesson
Blind Herbie
Insult Collection #2
True announcements during Sunday service
The Honeymoon Begins.
Why are cowgirls always bowlegged?
The Special Pig
Confucius Sex
There was this fisherman that always had a good day fishing...
Computer Problem
Doctor, Doctor!!!
NASA Hires Blondes
Go Farther
Real classified ads 05
Vatican Screen Saver
Dog Named Mypenis
No Sex on the Ark!
How did you break YOUR leg??
Be Politically Correct With Men
Spice Girl\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Lightbulb Joke
Yet more Clinton Jokes!
Poles Truck
The burnt blonde!
10 Ways to Know You've Had Good Sex
A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy
What is SWF?
Duct Tape
Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?
A bunch of better idiots!
If You Love The Lord
Way to have FUN while shopping!
Tombstone Epitaph IX
Polish Party
The Rabbi's Advice
The new FDA milk labeling rules are so strict...
Halloween party
Hello, Hello, Hello
Top ten tips to know if you have PMS
Food laughs and humor
No More Fishing For Baby Sis
The Bill Clinton Joke
20 Things a Guy Learned From Action Movies
Men\'s Bathroom Etiquette! (classic)
Better Than Pork
If Radio Shack made toasters...
Little Johnny Proposes
Top10 Reasons E-Mail is Like a Pe...
Blonde Hijacker
Real news headlines 05
No legs cold.
Athletic Sperm
Times Bachelor Made His Bed
Penis and the Windsheild
Holy Water: The cure-all
Special High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T.)
Smart Dog
Monthly Horoscopes - JG Style!
Men Are Like Commercials
Da Bears
Psychologist and the Light Bulb
When it gets hot
2 friends a hunting!
Idiot Sightings!
Monkies in a tree.
Restructuring at the North Pole
The Telepathic Watch!
My Granny\\\'s Better!
Why Blonde Jokes Are One-liners
Neil Armstrong True Story
Who\'s the Boss?
Singing Frog
New Coin
Sex Therapy
Newfie fun
Why cannot Frankenstein have children?
Do You Know what Im doing?
Stupid Insults 28/31
The Flashlight
Until Twelve
Correct Male Responses
On Gender Differences
Restroom Sign
Some Words of Wisdom
Keep Your Seat, Please!
Boxers or Briefs?
A Lesson in Politics
You know you're Middle Aged if...
How'd you want them
If the NSA made toasters...
Knock Knock Jokes 16
Gay Polak
The Procrastinator's Creed.
Signs You Hired The Wrong Kid To Mow Your Lawn
Body Language
Tombstone Epitaph V
Top Ten Least Popular Stephen King Novels
When I was Young
Signs You're Really Broke
What's brown and sticky?
Sex Like A Convenience Store
A merchant captain and several of his officers...
Many Bones
The Man\'s Point System!
Magic Cure for Impotence
In the Freezer
Big mix-UP
The Blonde Farmer!
The 2 deer hunters.
The overweight blonde.
Seventeenth Chapter
Marriage Quotes
Geriatric Gynecologist
The Absent Minded Doctor
Impressive Hunting Dog
What Would You Do?
The Shrine
Susie walkin the dog!
To Be a Dog
Why Women Live Longer
Besides ,I Love You
HillBilly Memories
Depressed Dentist
Spell it Bubba!
50 Facts About Women
Tricked Him
Insult Collection #6
Bear on a Rampage
The Pope And Clinton
Girl Talk With Chelsea & Hillary
Notice of a Class Action Suit
Wanting a larger...
Computer lyrics to Beatle Songs
Ten Reasons Adam Was the Luckiest Man
Women Jokes
A Chicago man in hell.
Martin Learns Bad Words
Fourth Time Married
Why Men Can\'t Show True Feelings
Good/Bad Girls
Little Johnny\'s Goldfish!
Check your Dirty IQ!
Another Dumb Blonde
This is bad...real bad!
Too Much Computer
What Is A Penis
The worst racist joke
What did Mr. Spock find in the toilet?
Rules for Cats
Roadkill again?
Confucius say...
Odd One Out
What has four legs, is big, green, fuzzy...
Condoms For Every Man
Dead Blonde In A Closet
Arnold:the musical
Saved Your Privates
The Lettuce Joke
Cannibals and Politicians
Words of wisdom
Rumors Have It...
Duck shopper
Scientists and the Mermaid!
Using The Thermometer!
After the Office Party
Losing my mind!
Mother of Six!
Dear John Reply
Black Peas???
Tombstone Epitaph XV
Oral Sex Lately?
Elephant With Thorn
Only One Sale?
Top 50+ Geek T-Shirt slogans
Top 10 Valentine Card Rejects
Penquins on Tour
Two Kinds Of Men
Got a headache
Real advertisements 02
I'm Moving Out!
Pink Parts
Blonde Joke Jackpot!
Super Looong List of One-Liners Part 2!
Smoking doesn\\\'t kill people...
The Aligator Blonde!
Dead Or Alive
Ice-fishing Blonde.
Where Did You Get The Idea?
Crawling Home
Stupid Insults 2/31
Goodbye To Mother
Where's the Manager!
Playing With Vibrator
Lifestyles of Men and Women
Make me an uncle!
Grading of Final Exams
Signs You are an Internet Geek
Procrastinator\'s Creed
Minding his manners.
Jokes for the Ladies!
On the Beach
Grandma\'s strudel
Marry Farmer Jones
The angry preacher...
Insult Collection #8
Peeing Dilemma! (very long)
If Airlines Sold Paint
Telepath wanted
In San Francisco
Big Red Truck
Tips on Love by Kids!
Juan and Amal Classic
Yo mama\\\'s so poor
Blonde quickies 231-240
Children\'s letters to God
Did you hear that all the toilets at the police station were stolen?
Homer Simpson Laugh-Lines!
Brain to nerves
Wanna Hear A Redneck Story?
He Said - She Said
Cards You Won't Find At Hallmark
Taste Test
Taste It
Cannibal Food
The Signalman\'s Test!
Red, Yellow, and Green!
Sure signs it's your last day at work.
Alaska Crazy Law
I\'m Glad I\'m A Woman
Better Than Drunk
Ventriloquist and the Indian
The Urinalysis
How do you cook vegatables in the microwave ?
Man Named Furniture
Stupid Insults 5/31
Things You Don't Want To Hear
Right Leg
Docs Go To Heaven
Wash Hair In Sink
The New Priest
Great Pick Up Lines!
Sore Throat
The Cliff And The Blondes.
Editing the Prescription
Efficiency Expert
Bride Joke
Fun Quotes
Sun Went
What\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s it called when...?
Really, really rude!
The Line
The 2 moose hunters...
Top ten things men would do if ...
Submarine humor and fun
Mother Knows Best
What Gets Bigger and Bigger?
Indiana Crazy Law
The Hunt
Why Two Nostrils?
Girl from Wenatch-Limmerick
If Men got pregnant!
At the blood donor clinic
F Word Usage
Be Patient
Real advertisements 03
Shooting Blanks
Inventing Wire
Coach Wants A Raise
Trucker Computer Terms
Impossible to Please
How To Screw Up An Interview
String Joke
Getting what you ask for!
The mistress.
This day holds a lot of meaning for me...
Traveling Saleman.
Man, I\'m Glad I\'m A Man
Little boy learns arithmetic.
Blonde Suicide
You know you are in a Texas church when
The President
Let\'s Swear
Never argue with a women
Clinton Q -n A's!
Judges Award
Sex Is A Killer
Reason For Divorce
Catching polar bears
A Wish Comes True
Late For Work
Computer Died
Which PMS Medicine Bottle?
Paralyzing Disease
Bottom Start
What do you call a woman outside the kitchen?
Outsmarting the Boss
Blonde On Either Side
You Know You're Too Stressed If...
Mexican Funeral
PMS in the bible!
The Job Interview
Farmboy & Bull
Noah\'s Ark...If it happened in 2000
Cow gives birth
Knock Knock Biggish
Yes or No
Polak\'s Wife
Sisters of Mercy
Meals on Wheels
The sweet kiss!
I\'m Turner Brown
Who\'s backward?
Why married women get heavy.
The boy on a nude beach.
Quick Thinking!
Mommy\'s Lil\' Helper
Dangerous Squirrels
Vow of Silence!
The Fight!
Lawrence Of Poland
Shouting during sex.
The Talking Monkey
A man moves into a nudist colony...
Tell On You Too!
Drive Into Ditch
Somebody flunked elf school...
Redneck Circumcision
How to play golf.
La Machine
Here's Little Johnny!
On God\'s Making a Woman
Translating Menspeak
Brand new drugs on the market!
Lawyer In Heaven (Classic)
So She Would Love You
Little Johnny at School.
Interview with Hillary
Problems and Male Gender
Redneck Doctor
The meaning of life
Keep A Man From Wanting Sex
Managed Friendship Plan
More Office Wisdom...
A Peg-legged Halloween!
Farting All The Time
Tilt Steering
Gold medal
Is that your final answer?
What you do best!
What's the brown stuff between the elephants toes?
In the closet.
Buying a Barbie Doll
Kids and Religion!
Real news headlines 02
Christmas Humor
TGIF On Shirts
My Turn
Battered women?
Coincidences of Bill Gates
Viagra alert!
A ventriloquist was driving in the country...
Top 10 rejection lines
Dog Property Laws
Selling the Green Suit...
Panama Canal
Gay Men and A Baby
New rules for dieting!
Children's Prayers
Early Birds
Man Playing Around If...
Rectum Wins
Defining Confusion!
Now, that is disgusting!
The Pope and the Rams
True stupid stories 02
Amish father
Creative Ways To Say Someone Is Stupid
Proper Manners
Top ten reasosn why it's great to be American
Tell Me!
Robbed A Bank
You're not a kid anymore when...
Great Job
What's the diff...
I\'m John The Baptist
Is This Jimmy Hoffa
MAFIA Valetine Card Verses
Drinking on the job!
Cinderella and Tampon
10 reasons to buy a new car...
A Tool
Laying off employees
Real advertisements 06
Unusual Case
More Pick Up Lines
Mirthy Facts
The Trade
Ice Cubes
A Bugs Mind
Calf Value
Ya gotta love dem Cajuns
Medical Advancement
Jealous Wife
Line of squaws
The 3 little pigs.
The little sexy housewife was built so well...
Many moons
One-eyed dinosaur
Mom\'s Dictionary
Paid By Medicaid
You Know You\'re From California When...
The Diagnosis!
Paradox of Men
Coming Home Late
I\'m Cured!
Nuns at the Gate
Revenge of the blondes
The Jew, American, and Pollack.
High On a Plane
Blondes Love Puzzles
Revocation of Independence
Need the Eggs
The Smuggler
Research paper excuses!
The divorce!
Buzz Buzz Buzz!
Cat's Prayer
Breeding Problem
The swimming contest.
50 Ways to Appreciate Life
Totally Useless Info
More Your Mommas
Why Life can not be like Star Trek
Code word for sex!
New dinosaur found!
New college course for men!
Lack Of Meat In Poland
Female Lawyer
Wrong ISP
Frog on the head
The Kid Who Knew too much .
Iowa Crazy Law
Microsoft Bids to Acquire Catholic Church
Nite before Xmas - Net Style!
His Last Wishes
Rules Guys Wish Women Knew!
Cinderella and Alan
Bus Driver's Parents
Bad advice 2
Blonde in the Library.
Go for Gold
A Time of Weakness
Yo Momma is so fat.......
Spicy Panties
Gold Medalist
Payback IS a Bit....
Like a Woman
The Big Jump
5 Questions that put FEAR into a Man!
Answering Machine Messages
Things NOT to say to a Cop!
Blonde Mechanics
Square Boobs
Two Quickies.
Two Little Old Ladies
The problem with Santa!
Between Two Brunettes
Tombstone Epitaph I
True stupid stories 01
Heavy Thinker-like Drinker
True Gender of Object
'Twas The Night Before Xmas- Redneck
Car needs a fixin!
You Used To
The nun and the cabby
When Reaches Orgasm
You know you\'re out of college when...
Adam and Eve.
Why did the punk cross the road?
The F Word
The perfect woman!
Tracking a Shoo-be-doo-be
Resignation From Phone Committee
The Wishing Well
Just plain dumb
Love Thy Husband
Emergency doctor visit
More Fun
The Taxi
Chick With No Arms or Legs?
Cajun Virgin
Be Bolder
Baby Turtle
Pat and Mike at the brewery.
Jesus meets Joseph
A big accident
Psychiatrist Handyman
Missy in heat
Signs you are a Canadian
Big Chief, No Fart!
Mole Smells
Knowledge Pills
Warning Labels On Booze!
Noticing a blonde
Insult Collection #15
The Honeymoon's Over!
Men Have Two Faults
Poking in Church
Male Stages of Life
New College Courses for Men...
What Am I Doing?
Psychiatrists and Patients
Smart little johnny
A Problem of Problems
"You've Got Mail"
Growing ripe tomatoes!
Computer Users
The Bowl of Chili
All Jews and six Mexicans
Interview with a Pirate!
Dearest Wife
Effective Ointment
Polish Scientistific Plans
Always By My Side
Give Me the Bill
What do you call a...
Rising Temperature
Germans Retain Surnames
Ebonics Version of Windows \'98
Screen Door
How do crazy people get through the forest?
8 boys
Playing House
Harry Butt
No. to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dead blonde in a closet?
God and Gay People
Money from Minsk
Only three doors
Waking Grumpy
Computers Must Be Male
Husband\'s Midlife Crisis
Tip of the iceberg
Letter Written Slow
Meet me for lunch!
yo mammas breath...
Stupid Insults 24/31
English to Chinese Translation!
I Confess
gay lad limerick
In A Freezer
On Sale Now!
Milk Truck
Have you ever seen...
Behold I Cometh!
What do you call a boomerang...
In the courtroom...
The Rabid Neighbor!
More Darwin Awards!
Twas the Night Before...
Men Like BMWs
What is the difference between a blonde and Dennis Rodman?
Eternal Marriage
The Neutron
Impaired Vision
Stupid Insults 19/31
The religious bear.
Husband's Great Gift
Truck Driver Snow
Getting Old
Quick Conquer Of Poland
Stupid Insults 16/31
The Job Interview...
Your mom is so fat...
Blonde's Revenge
Grounds for Divorce
Get Rich Quick
Oh Baby!
Your Starship Captain Might Be a Redneck If...
Clinton Bridge
10 Things Not to say on your Anniversary
Fortune Cookie....
Turtle Crossing
Lady Diana and Dolly Parton Go to Heaven
Get Sober!
The morning after...
Greenhorn In Alaska
Blonde quickies 41-60
How do you make a hot dog stand?
3 Docs at heavans gate!
Indian Pun! heehee
If Dear Abby Was A Man...
Happily Addicted to the Web
Fastest Thing In The World
Few Men In Heaven
Pick your sport carefully.
If Thinking Machines made toasters...
A bat joke.
You were there for me!
If You Are Unhappy
The Brown and White Cows!
Proud father
The locked up car keys...yee-haa!
Bring riches with you
Turnaround is fair play!
What\\\\\\\'s the definition of strain?
Celibacy Test
Change In Fashion
Grenade pin
Pool table
yo mamma iz...
Can I Smell Something
How to Shower like a Man!
Top reasons why it's great to be French
The talking Cuckoo clock.
We Don\'t Argue
Run Mr Taliban Song...
Tiger Woods vs. Stevie Wonder!
Name A Fawn...
Don't try this at home!
Guy Difference
Lawyers & Sperm
Parrot with no legs
Seen You Before?
Farmer and the Pretty Lady
What is grosser than gross?
No Balls?
New Viruses
The Brewnette (Blonde's Revenge)
Enlightenment Quiz
The Bus Bench
Selling the Wife
Coconut & hurricane
Needs Ironing
New Drug
The Chair
Classified Ad Bloopers
State Of The Art Watch
Out the window!
In the graveyard!
Bad News 1
What Gets Bigger?
Grandpa gets exited!
Help Me Ring the Bell
Hard Transplant
Top ten things women would do ...
Count Down
Lawyer Hunting Regulations!
Tons of Q & A for Kids!
Yo Mama
A Brief History Lesson...
Holy Spirit
Coffee Time
And God Created Woman
Laughter Galore !!!
Signs and notices 15
Riddle me this!
Mother\'s Milk
A Day in the life of two trees
The bad salesman...
Insult Collection #16
Buckwheat 'n Darla
Circus Elephant
Whom Do You Trust?
Bumpy Stickers!
That Rubber Thingy...
How To Catch A Polar Bear
Sex With A Martian
Governmental Study
Complaints of Married People
Clinton\'s Address to the Nation
Best For Dinner
At The Circus
Top 10 Signs You Are 'Burned Out'
Potential and Reality
Cool Stud!
Crash Landing
Sex On Second Date
Good Sneeze!
You Mama\'s So Hairy...
The Cremation
What gender is a computer?
Why We Appreciate Men
A Round For The House
Heads and Tails
The Big Pencil
The Fowl-Mouthed Parrot!
The Truth
FBI Agent for Hire
Grilling Remarks
Adam talks to God.
oh-oh...whole page of women jokes!
Pope and Lawyer (Classic)
Quotes from stupid 03
At the Amusement Park
The Parting of the Red Sea
7 Quickies!
Really cute one.
Orange Juice
Crazy For It Riddle
What do you call a boomerang that does not come back?
Diamond Ring
Polish Groom Is:
The Taxi Ride.
Monica\'s Favorite Food
How to impress a woman.
A new national anthem?
Ultra dumb people 01
A Bad Mix
Dogs \'n Light Bulbs
30 Ways to Have Fun at the Expense of Others
Measurement of a Pole
Wedding Announcement
Went Fishing, Got Caught
Tech Support
Boy Sees Elephant
Another miracle?
The Honeymoon
Military Wisdom!
Smell His Fingers!
Fill Er Up!
Shift Key FAQ
what is the difference between a man..
Whale of a Story.
The Best Time?
Universal excuse form.
Jumpin' Off A Bridge
Just one wish.
3 Old-Timers...
Hereditary Diarrhoea
Touched By Dallas Cowgirl
Wide Load
Definitions of A Diplomat:
4 Docs and GW Bush!
Dead Plants
Preparing for a Mammogram
Martha Stewart Holiday Calendar
The approach of winter
Country Tunes
Arkansan Citizens Trip
Mad Cow Disease
Life\'s Achievements!
New Win98 Error Codes
Guide To Parenthood
How Specs Live Forever
Watch what you say!
The Blind Sky Diver
Quick Witted Boy
New college classes for men!
Goofy Wundermints!
The Experiment...
The Trainee...
Busted Doc!
Why Lesbians?
Why did the one-handed man cross the road?
Elephant Riddles Seven
Mommas So Fat
Things I've Learned From My Cat
Dog Rules
Fruit joke!
Little johnny's parents
What does HMO stand for?
Where is Jesus?
Why Are Some Hairs White?
Tell Me
Taliban's Fall TV Line-Up
In the Bathroom
Leather jacket
Penuts! Popcorn!
Wedding Toasts 4
Resume Bloopers
New inventions by blondes.
Knock Knock Jokes 4
Preparing for skiing
In Hot Tub
You Have VD
What is the rallying cry of the International Dyslexic Pride movement?
Alternative Chicken
Real classified ads 01
Good Cook
Office X-mas Party!
Engineer and Guillotine
Ticklish Tongue
New Chemical Elements!
Power Of Observation
A play on Computer Lingo.
Preparing Chickens
Great Thinkers of Our Time?
Arkansas Vasectomy
Difference Between Men and Women
AOL/TW Merger.
Uncommon Perversions
A corny blonde joke
Job well done!
Halloween Funnies!
In Hot Pursuit
Riddle: IQ and Football
The Speed of Time by Age
The Little Boy Who Was Stomping
Message To Mom
Buns and Puns!
A Blonde Got Robbed
Apologetic Spouse
The Drunk and the Nun
The Wagon
I wrote it!
Pilot On Drugs
Qualifying for Heaven
Quotes from stupid 01
3rd Graders
Screwing Rooster
Men\'s Greeting Cards
The kind lawyer!
Pregnant Mystery
Weathermen Are Nuts
Super Market Checkout
Cybersex Discussion
The nun get's her fortune
Split Personality
Watching Baywatch
Christmas Present
Kids In College
Trouble at tax time!
In a perfect world...
Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood
No Pantyhose
Olive, the 10th Reindeer
Computer gender war!
Flaming Airplane
My Pa Won't Like It
The Doctors
Hillary and Bill again!
The bored Swede
Youngster Theories
Full House!
Will Rogers On Men
You know you are a teacher if...
An Hour Fast
Bad Jokes
Just idle conversation...
Naughty Kids...
Great lines from job evaluations!
Martain Sex
Black Eye
Strongest Man
Laws Of Work
Mental power outages ...
Monica & the Genie!
Courtroom ding-dongs!
The Great Escape
Dead Pussy
Terrible Lover
Act Religious
Recount Demanded by New York Mets
Lonely Cow in Field
Kids Thoughts!
TRADITION (Jewish Humor)
Two guys who wanted to pick up women.
Blonde House Fire
Phonebook Dilemma
I\\\\\\\'m A Curtain
Long list of annoyances!
Another bar joke
Diet Rules
Howe 2 right gud
Short Guide To Religions
New Rules!
10 Signs Your Broker .....
Answers To Everything
Crazy Nun
One Hundred Orgasms
The Snake
Insult Collection #4
2 cute ones...
Laughter On Monday
Don\\\'t Pee In the Pool
Princess Diana On The Radio
Dog story
Ding! Ding!
yo momma so stupid
Raking Leaves
15 Signs You Forgot Secretaries Day
Blonde Buckaroo
Blind Golf?
Don\'t be sexist...
New Antibiotic
Meeting the Pope
The duck in the bar
Chain letter for men!
I Want To Be Weighed
Really Corny
Why Women Are Bad Mathematicians
Knock Knock Jokes 15
Crushing a man's ego real fast!
Donkey Raffle
Men vs Women (long classic!)
Meet the Schitt Family!
"Washing the Clothes"
A pregnant Irish women
Stupid Insults 25/31
Ducks love grapes
Not the Sexiest Man Alive
A Hippo What?
Republican or Democrat?
Why are dumb blonde jokes one liners?
Facts of Life
Who's Fishing?
Pirate Joke
A fellow, who had spent his whole life in the desert...
Desert island encounter
English is tough stuff.
Road-killed lawyer
Man Is Like An Automobile
For Cat Lovers.
Bad Date Signs!
Old Sailor
Xtremely Rude! (Adults Only)
New Relationship Book
Stupid Insults 15/31
Why Divorce Now?
What Tax?
Preparing for Santa...
Learn to speak Southern...
Bouncing Baby
After You
Almost Love
Spinster's Three Wishes
Business Classified Definitions
Your Job
What would you do if you had a condum with a hole...
NY Times Ad
Things To Think About Our Government
New bumper stickers.
Peroxide Blonde and 747
Stupid Insults 6/31
A Brief History Of Medicine
Having Affairs
How do you cure...
Stupid Insults 23/31
Lightbulbs and PMS!
No Coffee Breaks
President Gorbachev
King of the Jungle...
You Know You're Getting Older When
Glass of water.
Millennia Year Application Software System (MYASS)
Awaken When Roomate Is Having Sex
Thinnest Books
Too much of the 90\'s!
World\'s Worst Pick-up Lines...
Stand Still, Soldier!
A Perfect Woman Is...
Advantages Of Being A Woman
Interpreting Coporate Titles...
Light Bulb 5
A few way to handle stress!
Definitions of Children
Blonde Father
Polak Meets Priest
Retarded Duck Farmer
What is a country song played backwards?
Money On the Side
Defamation of character
Super Orgasm When:
OJ's Clock
Jewish Dog Does Tricks
Learning to Pick Up Toys
Smartest Man in the World
Signs You're from New York
Airplane in Trouble
Ford Jokes
Top ten reasons why it's good to be Italian.
The fully fledged alaskan
Signs and notices 13
Trick-or-treating is better than sex
Bungee Jumping
Adam Gets Two Organs
New Year's Resolutions
A human's chalkboard assignments
Diaper Change
Out of the tree
Day after Christmas.
Little Johnny Rides
Stinky momma.
The fly
Beneficial Alzheimers
Making Love to a Woman
No. to Change Lightbulb
Man With Most Intelligence Gone
Power of the Internet
21, 21, 21
Bear Hunt
Comments from Dr's Patients
Lifetime Savings
The Lesbians
Butter and Blonde
What is the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?
Blondes and Buildings
Corporations... OY!
Bill Gates at the Pearly Gates
Signs and notices 09
The bar and chain.
Marriage Quotes 4
What should they say?
Refrigerator Difference
The Crying Horse
Never Forget
Camping with Sherlock Holmes
Why Canadian Hospitals Are Cheaper
Having a baby at 80
The Basic Laws of Work
Lawyer In Hell
Morals of Story
Florida Crazy Law
At College
One Eye
Is it michael jackson
The Doc\\\'s affair.
Darwin Awards- 1999
Little Red Man
Wife and your job?
The Proposition
Wedding Performance
Things You Never Use
Cool REAL Signs!
Letter home from School
Making Comparisons
Stupid Elephant Jokes
The World's Shortest Books
Keys Locked In
12 Feet Deep
Love & Marriage Quotes
See Model Home
Ode To A Mammogram
Bad eyes.
BIG Trouble!
Horoscope of Farts
Polish Medical Terminology
The Divorce...
Blondes in Basement
The Parrots
Insult Collection #5
Phone Sex With Yo Moms
Adam was lonely.
Santa and the Blonde!
Proof you can build a better idiot!
Cast the first stone!
No sex for an eagle!
Both Golf
Rodney Dangerfield Top One-Liners!
Fuck for a Duck
What is black and blue and hates sex?
Make Him Happy
The Top Signs That You Have A Boring Job
Why did the pervert cross the road?
Adam & Eve make a choice!
Political Speech Goofs
The Teddy Bears
We've been robbed!
No Fishing!
Sharing Hotel Rooms
Christ Not Polish
The 5 toughest questions!
Elephant Riddles Five
Yo Momma JokesGalore!
Things men shouldn't say after sex...
Totally messed up
Shoulder Pads
Wanna Hear A Polish Joke?
Top10 New Summer Camps!
The Blondes and the Spaghetti
Yo Mama So Fat...
Wee Jordy
So Fat...
Different Treatment
Whatcha Doin' Daddy?"
Scale A Fence
Microsoft and Santa
What do you call a dog...
Blonde crossing the road
Super Long Classic!
Blondes and Sex
The Splatted Toad
Caught Speeding.
Men and Pigs
Little Johnny helps Grandma.
The dyslexic satanist.
The Essay.
Leave a Specimen
Assign the punishment
Christmas Punnies!
Traditional Service
Things You'd Love to Say at Work!
The last laugh!
Three Dogs
Dave's adventure in a cave (limerick)
Secret\'s fruitless!
A few words of wisdom
I'm Glad I'm A Man
Knock Knock Jokes 17
How to get out of anext speeding ticket!
To Buxom Waitress:
What\\\\\\\'s O. J. Simpson\\\\\\\'s Internet address?
Beltway Holdups
If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked...
Come In
Real advertisements 01
Kid Sayings!
Off the cliff!
A Networkologist\\\\\\\'s Christmas
Greatest Pain
Cannibals and Missionaries
Gum Crossing
Cost to Get Married?
A young peasant girl of fourteen...
The Pharmacy
Last Wish
Remember When (Classic)
Blonde and a Brunette jump off a cliff.
Yo mamma!!!
Tampons With Long Strings
Fishing License
The Top Signs That Your Net Relationship Is Over
Wrong House?
List of Funny Insults!
Who\'s God?
Andy is God\\\'s son
Corporate Travel Guidelines
Little Red Riding Hood
Fill These Pants
Guide to buy a man gifts!
What do you call a gay dinosaur?
Blonde on a Cruise!
No Jello
Feel like a woman...
Onion Balls
12 Things NOT to Say if Pulled Over
Write and Wrong
Chinese Couple
Dyslexic Agnostic Insomniac
Airline Funnies!
The great rabbit escape!
The Old Lady & the Cashier
Star Wars Remastered
Beers for everyone!
Bosnian Footballer
Chess Enthusiasts
Impressing a Woman/Man
Knock-Knocks 4 Kids Galore
The Nudist Colony
Anniversary Trouble
11 Signs of PMS
The man walked past the armored car and hears...
Generous lawyer
A Really Bad Day
Analysis of A Man
Difference Between Nun and Bathtub
Take The Pill
Miss Most
Frog, warts and all
The eleventh commandment
How a man can tell if a woman has PMS
Top Ten Things To Do While Giving Blood
Nutty Problem
At the crazy farm!
Men and Situps
Little Johnny can count.
Two Dogs....
How Man Takes A Bubble Bath
Almost Perfect Life
The Foo Bird.
Computer Idiots
The Six-pack!
Helen Keller\'s Baby
True story from the WordPerfect helpline!
Two Black Eyes
After Christmas Letter. (Warning: CRUDE)
God & The Two Gifts
Proctologist Definitions
Cock A Doodly Doo!
Hawaii Crazy Law
Read The Manual Please!
Light Bulb 4
If Sony made toasters...
The Confessional
What is It?
Snow Boarding For the Young
Clinton and Gore at lunch!
Death of an Eel
Condoms for My Camels
S.H.I.T (Special High Intensity Traning)
I\\\\\\\'m listening, dear.
You Are No Longer "Cool" When
Stupid Insults 27/31
Marriage Quotes 1
Inventions By Blondes
Another test
When blondes do puzzles
English Lesson
Ethnic Goldmine!
The little puppy
Santa\\\'s Entrance
Pythagoras joke.
Temperatures and What They Mean
Quack, Quack
A Shorty
Getting the Recipe
Penny Offer
Cheap Beer
Real classified ads 04
Halloween party time!
Together At Last
Off To Barcelona
15 Pet Peeves Of Morticians
Sven and Olie
Blonde Medical Terminology
Best Foot Forward
Bad corporate slogans
Famous Uses of the F Word
The Miracle Show...
Yo Mamma
Itch - ouch -itch - ouch.
Parking Problem
Little Holes
Colored Penis
Penguin goes into a bar
Little Bastard
Mr Right Application
How the Angel got on the tree!
10 Husbands, Still a Virgin
Did you hear about the blonde that...
How To Be A Man!
I\\\\\\\'m A Chicken
Welfare Claim Statements
What do you call an anorexic with a yeast infection?
Princess and the Frog
Bored? Try these!
Knock, Knock
Software Demo
Ticket to Titsburg
A love story
Insult Collection #12
A Blonde Job Interview
Drunk and Arthritis
How gross is that?
Overheard in Tax Office...
Your Mommas...
Talking Frog
Bumper Stickers
90210 momma
The best memory.
The pop machine.
Gotta love the unions!
Social Security
Tattoo Parlour
Advantage: Woman!
Outrageous Flirting Lines
Baby Birds
Real news headlines 09
Commonality In Sexes
Always on Duty
In an elevator!
Snow White and her Prince
Juan comes up to the Mexican border on his bicycle...
Speech Impediment
Free Bread
Blonde with Big Tummy
Bottle fed baby?
Hellen Keller List
Scottish Builder
AirForce 1
A pile of one liners!
Pedestrians And Catholics
What do you do if you come across an elephant in the jungle?
Pick up and put down!
Bra Shopping
Two Scottish nuns go to America
The Very Special Parrot!
Obscene Phone Calls.
Your're a redneck if...
10 Commandments of a Teenager
Sit On Newspaper
Making Cakes
Patient & Doctor
Once upon a time!
Laws of Household Physics
A story with a morale
The Farmer and his boys...
Dumb Part
Birthing Pains
DUMB Questions Part 1!
Top10 things men know about women...
A short poem for today.
On the Train
Gay man's last fun
On the Menu today!
The beach
Sweet Revenge
Cheap Date
This is so dumb - it's funny!
No rest on this island
Dog Named Sex (Classic)
Top10 Rules for dating my daughter.
Where\'s My Pen
Snail talk
Chapped Lips
Love Potion
A Smart Man!
Polak and Mongoloid
Wrong Finger
Painful Puns
The couple and the shoe salesman.
Dump trucks and fat ladies!
Getting Better
3 Blonde Shorties!
The snake and the new glasses
Without Woman
What A Party!
To be young again...
How do you double the value of a Ford Pinto?
Ladies Track
Bad Pop Rocks
Urine Resample
Ready for some Football?
Burlesque Show
Christmas flavor
Panda in a Bar
A bad bet!
In the forest
Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
The Unhappy Nun
Grandma\'s peanuts
Good question!
37 Rude & Crude Pick-up Lines
Bit by Bit
Blowing Bubbles
One and the same.
American Beer
Who\'s perfect.
Donkey Woman!
I used my head
Rotten Little Johnny
What costume?
Two Meaningless Words
Is Windows a Virus
Double The Recipe
Sick and Pompous General
The Mushroom
Apples for sale...
Frog in a bank
Indiana and Blonde Difference
Mixed football jokes
Mental Health Patient
Your\\\'re What?
Little johnny at school 2
Diary Entries
Last supper - last words.
You got Mail!
Did You Miss Me?
Thanks For the Balls
What's the difference between a policeman's knightstick and...
Make up your mind.
Insult Collection #11
Stupid Insults 3/31
Pain Relief
Live Longer
Get Me Out!
Polak Plane Crash
Things Adults Learn From Kids:
Sex Before Mass
Stupid Insults 10/31
Gay Jewish Person
Excitement in Undertaking!
Smiling Snowman
Hair Up
Blonde and Easter Bunny
If a month would be 24 hrs
Watch those buttons
Exam for athletes...
Great Female Comebacks
New prefix
U of Berkeley Products
Puns by the Pound!
yo momma's SO fat....
Tons of Funny One-liners!
What is Green, Slimy...
C & W Song Titles!
Blonde Detective
Just a memory!
2 people walk into a bar...
If Men Had PMS
Farmer Brown
12 Year Old Scotch
Outhouse On Quicksand?
This vet must belong to an HMO!
Bathroom Joke
Comparing Men to Dogs
Men And Ceramic Tiles
Hot Tub Riddle
Blonde quickies 121-140
The skeleton
Four Words
Crushed Nuts?
Blonde AND Polish!
Real Subtitles from Hong Kong Movies
Give Me An Ear!
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Royal Penis Comparison
Empire State Building
6 inches
The Slow Racehorse
Spicy 50th Honeymoon
You know you\'re in the wrong church when...
Ten Dollar Flight
Doesn't It Annoy You When...
Blondes and pregnancy
O.J., Elway, and Modell?
I\\\'m George Washington
New Polish Navy
Possible titles for Lewinsky\'s new book
French Fighter Pilot
The woman on the bus.
Cat Heaven
My Rules
George Carlin funnies!
Child of the 80\'s (super long)
Male translations
Men Are Like Blenders
My Montana Diary
Some of life's truisms.
Wife\'s Operation
Redneck At The Bar
How many times.
The transfer
Cliff jump
Politics Quotes
What do you...
Last Commandment
Giving up drugs!
Demerit Point System Used by Women.
Cattle Herders
Blonde Doctor?
The Incredible Golf Ball
Men have only two faults.
13 Things Films Have Taught Us
Terrorist and PMS
Blonde Stewardess
Disneyland Survey
Trapped On A Rock
The Drunk!
How many Polish people does it take to milk a cow?
Mars and Venus
Depressed Over Mother In Law
The Vet/Taxidermist
Zen Quotes
Responses On the Bible
What is your date of birth?
Elephant Fall Into a Deep Pit
Why did the fish blush?
20,000 Cockroaches
An African Lion
You Are A Geek If...
Knit to Fit
The Ride
The Colonel and the Camel
Application to date my daughter
Five Most Constipated people in Bible
Having a baby
Why Mothers Cry
I\'d Love To But...(Pt II)
Redneck honeymoon.
Why did Bill Clinton...
Easily Explained
The Ongoing Note
Easter Quiz
Dead Cow & The Mermaid
Friend of the Groom?
Quotes About Women
Elton John
The Family Dentist
2 Eggs
The Lumberjack...
Respectfully Cheating
Signs and notices 07
Coat Hanger
English Me This:
Polish Prisoner\'s Request
The New Tax Law
Dead Wife?
Been Messin' With The Waitress
He Said She Said
Q + A Iraqi War Jokes
Polak and Robot
Burned Ears
In Common
If Women Told Truth In Bed
The captain and the camel
A black and a white guy in heaven.
Extreme Golfing
The String in the bar.
Insult Collection #14
Skipping school
Army general at Christmas
Sunday School Comedy!
The "Perfect" Day!
Computer Acronyms
What Were You Thinking?
The stir of the town!
Short Lawyer Jokes IV
Cows Earthquake
Stinky woman.
Never There
Holiday Banana Bread
Having A Baby Is Like...
Alligator Shoes
Girls Night Out
Tough job
Another Chicken Joke
Zen Buddhist Buys a Hotdog
I\\\'d Love To But...(Pt III)
What do elephants use for tampoons?
Polak Hiding In Tree
Don't eat and drive!
Skiing Accident
Chaim escapes from a mental hospital...
Jesus vs Satan
You know you\'re a Teacher if...
Biting Nails
Important thoughts
A gun for my hubby.
Where Do We Play?
Cup of Coffee
Black Jokes...
The truth about beer.
Blondes and chocolate chip cookies.
Charlie no more.
How can you identify an blind pirate?
Popular guy
Who needs women
Washing the Dog
The World\'s Shortest Books
First Visit
What sexual position makes an ugly baby?
Engineers Laying Sod
Dentist Visit
There was an airplane full of a shipment of Pepsi flying over Africa...
How To Get Rid Of Roaches
Your Breast is Loose
Poles At Theater
Top 20 Engineers' Terminology's very, very true!
Le Pepper Please!
On Childless Marriage
Pirate and Lost Body Parts
Little Johnny at the neighbors...
2 Wonderful Hours
2 2
Listening Passively
5 lbs of fat
The World of High Finance
Senior Driver
99 Click
Cause Hearing Loss In Men
Dead Kitten
You don\'t want to hear these!
Top 10 signs that you are too drunk
Rotten Cherry
Bill Gates In Purgatory
The blonde and the screen door
Tough Mice
A Mexican joke
Did you hear about the guy who got his vasectomy done at Sears?
A day at the beach
3 times a virgin.
Yogi Bear
Love According to Kids
A trip to Pittsburg.
Arizona Crazy Law
Men - Ya just can't win!
What would Princess Diana be doing right...
Tiger woods in bed.
This old man!
Employee evaluations.
Drink to Forget
Name a...
Psychiatrist Definitions
Penis holding
Nudist jokes!
A Dead Ringer!
Bad News 2
If Men TRULY Ruled The World!
Canadian History Lesson
What do you call a man with his right hand in a sharks mouth?
The Frog Scientist
Universal Corporate Translator
Deep Cuts
Clinton in Oz!
Sex Statistics
The black baby.
Machine Breakdown
Convent Girl
Cockroach at the door.
What is black and sits at the top of a set of stairs?
Redneck Jedi
A Well Dressed Man
What's In a Name?
Home from the Air Force
Genie and the Beer
Sleeping Bull
Why cannot Jesus eat M & Ms?
Blonde and the pop machine.
Great Starting Salary
Honda, Honda!
Guide to Religions.
The beloved old man.
Perfect Day
Job Interview No-No\'s!
It looks like plastic.
Cosmo Quad Turbo RX-7
Rude Doctor!
Didn\'t make the cut...
The Speech
Simple Chinese
College Degrees
I\\\'m a Fun-gi!
How to break the nose of a blonde.
Don\'t Cut
Six times Six
Rita Rudner\'s Facts About Men
Knock Knock Jokes 6
New Viruses!
Barber Shop
Polish Invention
Polish Girl Does Tradein
Democrats vs. Republicans
Careful Now
Best Friend
The Blonde Deputy
Been In College Too Long...
Golfing with Doc...
Yo Mama Genesis
If the Franklin Mint made toasters...
Male assertiveness
Baked Beans
Princess Di and Mother Theresa
Sister and Priest
Blonde and the Firemen!
Why does Clinton...
Little johnny's gift
A Pair of Shoes
Mr. Owls
Snowmen and Snowladies
Vow of Silence
Politically Correct Terms
Up, or down?
Blonde Convention
Real news headlines 12
Zoo Closed In Warsaw
Answer This Question
Blonde Lesbian
Wedding Toasts 5
The Irish Driver
Electric Train
Cure For Unemployment
I love my wife
Would You Remarry?
Cristmas Quiz
Vultures and Mothers In Law
The Vet Delivers
What do you call..
The chicken.
The cause of arthritis...
Building the Ark
Some useful bits of info!
Dog life...
Best Thing Out of...
99 Condoms
Drowning Lawyer
Polish Gold Medal Winners
Driver Has No Money
Top 5 men in a woman's life...
Dog and Fox
Dead Babies
The New Hunter
Cheap Rooms 4 Rent
Congress Reduces Solar System
Puns Contest
Iraq\'s Navy
Growing Manhood
Definition of Panda
Polaks Building A House
Learning to be tactful.
You Might Be A College Student:
Little Johnny on the Farm!
It Only Hurt When...
Blonde Email
To Drown
Can you relate to this!
Be nice to your kids
God's Gifts
Talk with God
Mommy Dearest!
The bad-mouthed parrot!
Stupid Insults 26/31
More of the world's shortest books!
What is the difference between a brown-noser and a shit-head?
Ways to tell someone their fly is open.
Rough Boys
Male/Female Definitions!
Birds and Bees
Blonde quickies 1-20
The Panda Bear
Stupid people fearing
Adjustable Face Lift
Man\\\' Help With Housework
Saving Up
Dictionary of Evaluation Comments
The Crook & The President
Two Canadian Seasons
What Gauge
Sightings Of Sharp Individuals
Why White?
Ways to tell someone they are goofy!
I'm Glad I'm A Woman
The Poo List!
Frog princess
Pickup Lines
You might be an ENGINEER if...
Things Dogs Must Try To Remember
The snoring stopper!
Polish Medical Dictionary
Pillsbury Dough Boy wanted for attempted murder
Proverbs as finished by a fourth grade class
Not On Your Anniversary!
Spice Girls
Great Tips and Suggestions
Jesus vs. Satan
Voodoo Dick
One Upmanship
Too many beers.
The poor guy got G.A.S.H.
58 Actual Newspaper Headlines
Stupid Insults 29/31
I\'d Love To But...
Beware of IRS
Why do blonds where underwear?
Honey, I have a headache...
Old Timers Disease
Blowing Chunks!
New Viruses on the loose!
Always Been a Doubt
Brotherly Love
Real Mothers...
Dog with one eye
The cow?
Energizer Bunny arrested!
Bill Gates\' Wedding Night
Diff Between Man and Childbirth
OJ\\\'s URL
My very first time!
The Taxi Driver
Cry Baby
The Train
Grey hair
Bill Clinton & the Genie
Two fat birds!
Two men met at a bar and struck up a conversation...
Bad News 6
Kansas Crazy Law
What is the difference between Prince Charles and OJ Simpson?
Cork it!
Photo From Nudist
Signs Christmas Has Become To Commercial
Women\'s/Men\'s English
Men\'s Rude Awakening
Best Pickup Lines I've Used
Only A Head
Hippie in a Bar
Psych 101
The blank tape
Best form of Birth Control
Lawyer Stamps?
Polish Hockey Team
Bad News 5
Great truths about life.
Favorite Wine
Doing this great deed
Driving Examiner
Orange and Banana
Who Was It?
Pig Under Her Arm
On Enmity Between Races
Two Old Ladies
Dumb Intercourse II
Bad Catholic Joke
You Know You're In California When...
Actual Medical Charts
If She Married Him, She'd Be...
Coffee Klatch
How many calories do we burn during sex
Blonde Lumberjack
Elephant Jokes Eight
Imagine that
The Preacher and the Taxi Driver.
More cool bumper stickers!
Real Man Knows When She Orgasms
The Latest E-mail Virus
It gets lonely in the desert
Kid's letters to God...cute!
Easy Specimens
Things That Sound Dirty At Thanksgiving But Aren't
The Mouse
Hints he\'s a bad Chiropractor
You're gonna croak!
Call me Bubba
I'd Do Anything
Addicted to Internet Porn
Soviet Physician
How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
I\\\\\\\'m a Dustbin
Tee Shirt Lines
Horse Sense
Bear and Squirrel
I dont want a ride!
Alabama License Application
What\'s the difference?
Why Name Penises
The phone call...
Blonde and 747 Difference
Trip To The Desert
A Burning Question!
Real news headlines 04
Father and Son discussion.
Little Johnny and his balloons
No More Tricks
Where the winds blow.
Looking for A Name
The 4 engineers.
Men's rules for Women!
If you love something ...
Wrong Nails
Rejected Greeting Card Sentiments
Flying condom
Tired gynocologist
Fisherman's Ode
Long Life
Be Proud of Me Prayer!
Famous Sports Quotes.
A partially deaf gentleman was extolling the virtues...
The Vegas Trip!
Sibling Stories
Understanding Your Paycheck:
The De-Ranged Cowboy
Have you Ever...
Telephone Difference
How do you tell two KKK members apart?
Two babies
Looking Good
Wrong Size
Stupid Insults 7/31
Lesbian Love
Pregnant Daughter
Top 10 rejection lines by women!
The Special Olympics
Eye sex
Ain't She Cute
A Prayer Before Dying
Why firemen have dogs
Cut by a Razor
Doctor! Doctor!
Tongue Twisters
JokesGalore News Wire...
Rectum Stretcher
Birdie Poem
Visiting the sun
Got A Match
Inlaw/Outlaw Difference
Blonde Jokes
You Caught My Eye
They Eloped
DUMB Questions Part 5!
One Dollar
No Arms Nor Legs
Killed Your Rooster!
To All Employees
The ladder to success!
Absent From School Excusess
Really Good Deed
The nsync joke
For Atlanta Falcon Fans!
If, And, Butt!
Bull Talk
Princess Diana alive?!
Bad Jeeves...BAD!
Polak Crossed The Road
Upset With Driver's License
Appropriate Penance
The new nun
Signs and notices 11
Why Beer is Better than Women
Polak Puts Ice In Condom
Move your cars please.
Ideal Computer Problem Report Form
Restoring her youth!
Two Nuns On Bicycle
How to cut off a blonde\'s ears:
Illinois Crazy Law
R U A Real Cowboy?
A Mother Cow
Brain For Sale
Even more Bumper Stickers!
Kewl Cat Quips!
Do you need a sign?
Multi-syllable words
Menu Items Translated
Theory of the Stork
I'm Hungry
Top 10 Halloween Things...
Ten Things A Cat Thinks About
Think about it!
Student Bloopers - Part II!
How Much For the Room?
Happy Anniversary
How do you get a one armed MAN out of a tree?
Helen Keller
Redneck and a Trailer
Its A Duck
A Blonde Kidnapper
A forester and lawyer
Johnny gets his license.
Too much Coffee
Monica Counters Clinton
Holiday Party Festivity Levels
New anti-aging drug...
The Priest and the Rabbi.
The Garden of Eden
Lawyer hit by a car
Another Castration
Ancient Chinese Torture
The Three Moles
Slogans for Safe Sex!
True Marketing Errors
Insult Collection #13
Ducks in Heaven
Real classified ads 03
Knock Knock Jokes 8
Star Wars- Sexually Explicit Lines
Mother In Law Misses Train
Ethnic Goldmine! - Part II
How can you tell Doc?
Condom Brands
Island Blondes
Marry a blonde
RELATIVES-(Classic Poem)
Blondie Gets A Haircut
The Break-in!
Restroom wall graffiti!
Blonde Braincells
1970 and year 2000.
Black Magic!
Men\'s Rules For Women
Polak At Cockfight
Yo Momma so Old
But how do I know...
Miracle Diet!
Rejected Public Holidays
DUMB Questions Part 3!
NEWS FLASH: Terrorists...
Nursery Rhyme
Wrong suggestion!
Welcome to Hell...
Thinnest World\'s Book Is...
Blondes have more fun!
The Perfect Day
What did the bird say when his cage fell apart?
A REALLY Bad Day - True Story!
Confucious say: Man who go to bed.......
Literary couch potato
A Blonde At A Bar
At the beach.
Having Babies Questions
St Peter and the Three Nuns
Jonah and the Whale.
College Courses for Women
Tire Tread Marks
What\'s An Orgasm?
Clothes make the person...?
End of the World Reports
Gun-toting Panda (Classic)
Biblical constipation
What\'s coming but never comes?
Three Proof That Jesus Was...
You Might Be An Internet Addict If...
Blonde joke
Priest and Nun Golfing
Short Lawyer Jokes V
Odds For Meeting A Female
A facelift experience!
Who\'s Child?
Restaurant Specialty
Sex in a Marriage
Redneck Census Form!
Mickey: No Divorce From Minnie
Others Before Me?
Her Operation!
Want Ads- Illiterate?
Remove my curse!
Ice Hole
Baptizing the Drunk!
So, Who\'s Workin\'?
My Paw
Miller Time
Heavy metal guitarist
Ghostly Giggle
The 2 Bums!
If Restaurants Functioned Like Microsoft...
Med Examination
Out of Paper!
Mamma's got back
Polak Joins Baseball Team
Medium Smeduim!
Rejected Hallmark Cards
Drivers Licence
Our Peak Mental Activity
Not the best day.
New Barbie Doll
Changing Schools.
Women Need Four Animals
Computers: Male or Female?
Good Choice!
What is blue and sings alone?
It Is Woomba
That's not fair!
I love you in 9 languages!
What is the...
This kid knows the answer!
Rubbit the Rabbit
Snail Tracks
Sound Dirty In Law But Aren't:
Wedding Pictures
Happily Addicted to the Web!
A woman goes into a bar and orders a beer...
Elephant Experiment
Dare to Swim
Oh la la!
Drug Cure fer sure!
A Wife's Revenge
Proper Care of Floppy Diskettes
Stevie Wonder\\\'s Wife
Boxing Referee
Little Johnny's Lessson
Why do farts smell?
Smart Blonde
Some Horny Guy
Things Only Women Understand
Blind Man
Will the real dummy stand up!
If god had wanted us to run around naked...
Ladies Tee-shirt blurbs!
Ms. Piggy Counts
Play on words :)
Helpful Tips To Make Life Simpler
Lesser Of Two Evils
Some fun rules
I recently had surgery on my hand, and asked...
The Hunter
Rule of Thumb
Sleeping like a baby.
Sex For the Deaf
Good News At Work
What's sillier
No Jobs.
Shipwrecked Saga -Dog and Man
Kidneys for Brains
Phone For Texas Aggie
Man with no arms.
Bashing Blondes...part 1!
For Dad\'s with Daughters! (Long)
Seminars for Females/Males
Movie Cliches
Lover's Lane
Civil War Era humor
The real Joe Schmoe!
A Rainbow of Devotion
Practicing My Art
Picking on Chelsea Clinton :)
WARNING: Puns Ahead!
A new Priest.
Polish Dogs
Painful Screams
Phone Number
Wedding Gift
Jonah and the Whale
Prison and Work Compared
Gas stations..
Dimple and Flat Forehead
Three Limericks
Horoscopes by Adam Sandler
Vikings in a Dome.
Another yamamma...
Valentine Day Story
He Said, She Said
Bride and Groom
Try our tricky!
Drowning a Blonde
A lady was in a hardware store looking at...
Each man gives a story
Lone Ranger and Tonto...
Birthday Present For Wife
Grandma's Advice
Great Writer
Eye Doctor
You Know You're Having a Bad Day When...
Young Man !
What is a Headache
Actual excuse notes to teachers!
Ten Important Men In Woman\'s Life
Virgina Girl
The infertile patient!
Chauvinist Pigs...Bulb?
It's A Man's World
Pick-Up Lines Galore!
Why God Doesn\\\'t Have a PhD
Why it\'s great to be a man!
Strip Joint
Lost Fingers
What a goof!
Chuck, Jean Claud, and Arnold.
Bring Flowers
Real classified ads 02
Unmarried In BMW
58 Newspaper Headlines
Dyslexic Pimp
Will You Still Love Me This Way?
Polish Couple
Car Dimmer Switch Modification
Hit Man
Think You\'re A Man?
40 Year Old Man and Woman
Man On Bridge
No Arguments
Why Legs?
Well I wanna be a...
A Smart Salesman!
He shouldn't have asked!
The Preacher and the Donkey
Blonde Quickies
Letter To Ann Landers
Lonely Frog
Locked Up
Proof Santa is a Woman!
Mice in a lightbulb?
Why Female Astronauts?
How do guys in jail.....
Why Nipples?
Tired On 1 April
Sleep Well?
Three Nuns and the Statue
Bad Day?
Philly Cops
You Might Be A Bad Customer If:
Two Statues
Why do Lawyers smell?
Upgrading to Husband 1.0
Making Love To...
Remembering Anniversary
Dying Family
A-fishin\' We Will Go...
Too Much Computer Time
Definition of a good date!
Funny Conversations
Wife and Mistress
Weighing In - 2
4 Blonde quickies...
I\\\'m glad I\\\'m a woman
Programmer And An Engineer
Snail\'s Pace
Why Women Close Eyes During Sex
Pronounce it please!
Jack and the Beanstalk
Where does a 200 ton elephant sit?
Whale of a Time
On Marriage
Dishwasher Repair
30 Ways to Annoy Someone.
Scottish Joke
Reasons For Being Stood Up
Dirty old man
Living On Love
The Bobbitt Hillbillies!
Camping Trip
Kentucky Crazy Law
Chain Letter
The Emergency
Fire At 40,000 Feet
Two Cow Defined (Classic)
100's of Bumper Stickers
The Snow White Ad!
Smoking Dragon....
Not A Pharmacist
Lawyer at the Pearly Gates.
The Dump List
How did he look?
Wipe your butt with a dollar.
The Race
Particular Kind Of Woman
Doctor Bumblings!
Don\'t mess with this old lady!
Sight of Money
The Blonde Kidnapper
Why is a violist like a terrorist?
Cartwheeling Blondes
Witch Story
Cigar holder
Yo momma 3 times.
Money talks.
Rush Limbaugh
Toughening Up
PC Support
Biblical one-liners... too cool!
Blind Animals
Green Circles
Men Resist Fatherhood
Diving Deep
Letter from grandma
Oh Human Sexuality
Family Pants
Ultra dumb people 02
Bee Sting
Hiding Baldness
I'll have nun of that!
Real news headlines 07
Library Fast food
State Capitals Are:
Elephant Fart
Ugly Growth
Women...rules men wish you would learn!
Where would you go?
Same Aid
Saggy Boobs
Got Milk?
The Geography of Men and Woman
The Blonde Driver
Hunting Trip.
How to make an ugly baby...
The chicken/road across history.
God Does Have A Sense of Humor
Building a bridge
Backwards Panties
Polish Women and Vibrators
Prostitute and Nymph
Drunk Cheerleader
Huey, Dewy, and Puddles.
He\'s Shaky
Signs and notices 06
Your Momma is so ugly
Mental Health Hotline!
No drinking in April
Wheel of disfortune
Blacks and Xmas Trees?
Wedding Definitions
Marriage Quotes 2
Diary of a New Snow Shoveler
Insurance Claim Statements
Clintons Wish!
Who Is Braver?
Whom To Marry
God and Moses went golfing.
Brown Eye
Army Wisdom
The Tearful Bride...
Fred and Harry
Insult Collection #9
Erudite Limerick
Blonde in a Freezer
So what\\\'s in a name anyway!
Dallas Cowboy put-downs galore!
Life According To TV Land
Asleep at the desk
Here Moosey Moosey.
Knock Knock Jokes 3
Pizza Cutting
crazy blonde
Children Quotes
Early retirement
A Daughter's Letter Home
Men Quotes
Grass Sandwich
Cards You Will Never See In Hallmark
Amish meet The Elevator
Tennis Ball
Lesbian Frogs
What is Michael Jackson's favorite hobby?
Refrigerator Evidence
Sick Coffin
Man and E.T.
Top Twenty New Slogans for Valuejet Airlines
Speech to the deaf.
Picking a punishment
The undressing newlyweds.
Bad Thoughts
Sleep Better
The Contest with GOD!
The Sermon!
Like Bowling Ball
a dyslexic man walks into a...
Your Name Is Missing
Clinton is in Heaven
The Perfect Woman would say...
Tuns of PunsGalore - Part II
Heaven And Hell
Courtroom Chaos
Preparation for Parenthood
Lying Lawyer
Ways to Annoy People
Help from Canada...
Letter to God
Go Softly
Foul Play?
What is sicker than sick?
The Ocotpus!
A Guide to the Identification and Classification of North American Farts
Money Needed
A fun game
The Breast Stroke
Horny Nurses!
Dr. Seuss Episode of ER
Comparing Men/Women at the ATM...
Head and Shoulders
Hair Loss
Don\'t Be Sexist!
Martha Stewart's Tips for Rednecks!
Before it starts...
Comeback Lines!
MasterCard for Men
Mono and herpes
I said...I really mean...
Polak, Italian and Mafia
3 babies talking.
Rooster and Peanut Butter
GM vs Microsoft
Very Short Books
Drinking Buddies
Top Things You Should Not Say To A Judge
Insult Collection #3
Idaho Crazy Law
Top reasons why it's great to be Canadian
Breaking News
Knee Pains
Liberal Episcopalians
A Fisherman's Tale
Bartender Help
Real advertisements 04
The Pessimist!
Chocolate Chip Cookies
What is the difference between a wicker basket and a wicker box?
Leper at the World Series
A Childs\' Perspective!
My Call
Little Johnny Crack-up.
Two kids meet
This guy was driving down the highway...
Bible Bloopers
50 things to do during an exam
A new car.
Genie and Mother-in-law
Doctor Bloopers!
Why did the condom fly across the road?
Why me!?!
The cashier
Worst Thing
How It All Began...
Yo Momma so nasty
By My Side
The Best Excuse For Speeding
Gates and Lightbulb
Disorder in Court
Too Young
Top 10 things NOT to say to parents when picking up a date.
Dumb Alabama Laws
Signs That You're Broke
Washing the Dog!
Eskimos Discussing Cold
2 men and a woman...
The lazy hubby
Three Girls
New business mergers!
So old...
Genius Boyfriend
Dumb intercourse
12 days of Christmas (Santa Cruz style)
Miget with a lisp!
First Thing to do after Jail
Guide to Safe Fax
Elephant and Man
Three men: a philosopher, a mathematician and an idiot...
The Night Before Payback!
Absent Minded Husband
Smart CEO
Outside a Dog...
New Bowling Rules
Punctuation Changes!
Buddhist pizza
Bejewelled Portrait
Honeymoon Over
Grinch Quiz!
The morning after
Golf Clubs
License Plate
Pitbull and PMS
How To Blind A Woman:
Cheating Boyfriend
The World's Worst Joke!
A Present for Little Johnny!
Much Improved
Why Fake Orgasm
Out of bounds.
Tombstone Epitaph VI
Signs and notices 14
Ups and Downs of Marriage
Marriage Lessons
Chicken and Horse
Rodeo Sex
Clinton Bumper Stickers
Golf For Sex
The Bobbit Hillbillies
What does
Female Laws To Live By
Cocky Gunslinger
More Man Slamming!
Love and Marriage!
How to Know where a Driver is from
Ethnic Goldmine! - Part III
OLD is when...
Football Math!
Murphy's Laws (5)
Paint the Porch
Wife and best friend!
Tyson Excuses!
Red Riding Hood
Free samples
Be Politically Correct With Women
Shingle Material
Polish National Library
Sue over the property
The Wish.....
Bedtime Prayer of the future
Reflections on Life
What did the normal baby say to the test tube baby?
Blond and Brunette
Charitable Donation
Tough Stuff!
The Prayer.
Myna Bird With a Small Vocabulary
Some Warning Signs of Insanity
Now That You Mention It
Noah and the Ark.
Washing Machine Is Better
Rules For Relationships
Tombstone Epitaph VIII
Clinton's Clock
Name That Ranch
Murphy\'s Laws Of Parenting
Why did the...
Accountant Math!
The Mink Coat
Real idiots of society!
Job Interview
Life's Lessons.
Computer Quotes
Attempts by the dumb
Expensive Fishing Trip
Sex drive is too high.
Dogs and fleas
How many women does...?
Something Fishy
Top 10 things you\'ll never hear a girl say.
Don\'t Step On The Ducks...
Cremate Mother In Law
Fishy Talk
Memory Pills
Guy's - Don't Do This On A Date
Here kitty kitty kitty
Brunette's Mating Call
Chinese Goer
Yo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' mama\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s so fat...
Blonde on Horseback
Idiots on a desert island
You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re mamma\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s so fat
Guys on the island
What a way to go!
Engineer in a bar
Pick-Up Rebuttal Humor
Terms of Endearment!
Actual Answer from a Medical Student
Curing a Cough
Job Interviews
Happy Birthday...yech!
Biblical Ways of Getting a Wife
How Many cochroaches...?
The 3 Priests (classic)
Addicted To AOL
Four Kids
Blubber trouble
What do ya call...
The smart Irishman.
What Appointment?
Meeting of the body parts!
Long and Hard
Brain Operation
Driving On One-Way Street
Another Clinton Joke...
Learning To Love
Condoms In Ears
Real advertisements 05
Number One Sport
Swallowed A Penny
Pleasing Mom!
The new medical students!
Two Brain Cells
Plastic Wrap
Elevator Magic
The Three Surgeons
Short Lawyer Jokes III
Male Bashing
New Suit
Suffering From Dilutions
Men and Spray Paint Alike
To My Dear Spouse...
10 Things Not to Say to a GirlFriend\'s Parents
Battle on the Ocean
Fatal Things To Say To Your Pregnant Wife
Not specific enough!
Difference Between A Man and Woman
Men & Women Compared!
Bashing Blondes...part 2!
Pregnant Polish Girl
Jesus and the Robber
Behind A Steering Wheel
Man, the Lawn Mower
How To Drive Your Wife Crazy
How to drown a blonde.
Bronze sculptures
Things Change With Marriage
Women - Ways To Drive Men Crazy!
Shiny New Motorcycle
No Pubic Hair?
A Miracle
Gorilla Capture
Put-Downs Galore!
Famous people
Baggers and Juicers
Wearing Polish Underwear
The Real Cinderella Story
Two Molecules
I can't feel my legs!
A bunch of blonde jokes...woo-hoo!
Speaking perfect english.
The Blonde Potatoe
How about 3 wishes.
Men Are Like Weather
Scooby Doobie Boobies!
Universal Grade Change Form
Polish Fire Prevention Bear
Redneck\'s Ode To A Valentine
Signs that you are an Internet Junkie.
Blondes and the painter.
A tech get drafted!
Dickens and the Martini
Revenge Is Sweet
Clever Doggie
The AOL Car
3 Wishes
Hungry Rooster
The big test!
The Fisherman
New Women's Study
Packing Elephants
Good question
The Arab and the Jew
WARNING: New Virus Alert!
Call A Smart Blonde
Lunatic & his dog
Drugs have a generic name.
Men That Are Into Commitment
Little Johnny Sees Them Naked
One life saved...
Keep fit... die healthy.
Hair Growth
The Missing Toupee!
What to do
Why cannot Santa have children?
Did you hear that Betty Crocker passed away...
Ready for Society?
Dear Agony Aunt
Proud To Be A Senior Citizen...
Heaven Help Us
Blonds Going to Disney World
Top 10 Reasons...John Glenn
Blonde in Exam
Not a good comparison!
On the porch
Chocolate is better than sex!
Loving on the Lawn
International Travellers Bloopers
Years of Bad Sex
Some cute want-ads!
Change Toilet Paper?
What do you call...
Aged Mother
Radio Game
Who Said That?
You might be from a small town if:
Guru and Novacaine
Stirring Prescription
Murphy's Combat Laws
Troubles getting into heaven
Blind Date!
Gimme A Cookie
Three breasted hooker
A Fire Truck
24 Hours to Live.
To Keep A Man Interested
Business Mergers
The new warden
A Lawyer Died
How did Stevie Wonder Pierce his ears?
Drivers Identity by Location
The Perfect Story
Letter to the Railroad
Careful when you wish
Interolrable Weather and Sterotypes.
Advice From Mom
Garden of Eden
Extra Office Work
Catholic Dictionary
Engineer Cookie Recipe
Yet another blonde joke...
Condom Buying
Is the wife in control?
Star Wars Vs Star Trek
Museum Funny!
And you thing you have it bad!
Words From Famous Women
Hypothetically Speaking
Few Gymnasts
The Boy Who Wrote To God
Skeleton Joke
Trick or Treat!
Condom Sponsors!
Duck sentence.
Work quotes
Polish New Car Is Busted
The Sick Blonde...
What do Chinese people...
Super Looong List of One-Liners!
Xmas Tree and Priest Alike
A canadian in a Texas bar...
Knock knock... Luke
Penis Shape Research
The Frustrated Bee
Why David Killed Goliath
Criminal Mastermind
Texan Buys Spread
Women\'s Snappy Comebacks
Gates, the Carmaker...
Keeps Her Youth
Losing my wife\\\'s love.
Anniversary Flowers
Dairy Queen
Ice cream
Going to Jamaica
Boy & Grandpa
Scary Seven
Aids or Alzheimers?
Bin Laden's trip to the pearly gates!
A New York Lawyer
What is the definition of Agony?
Paper or Plastic?
A dilemma
No Oranges
The Duck Hunt
Definitions from Kids
Actual Court Sayings!
A Dose of HMO's Own Medicine
Difference With Computer
Tattoo On Her Butt
Man slamming list of lists!
Why women talk more than men
Before Viagra
Earn cash in your spare time...
Hungry Lion
Windows 95
Bad News...
Sho Is a Wonder
Hoop Earrings
what\'s the difference...
Jeff the Bellboy
Things never to say to a cop
The talking banana
Men & Public Toilets!
Bath Time.
Death in the Family!
4 new fathers.
Breaking and Entering
Questions and Answers!
With all the recent talk of cloning...
In divorce court!
Zebra Asks a Question
Empty upstairs!
Did you hear about the guy born with two left feet?
Miss Muffet
Too Many Pills
Burying Poles!
Redneck Poetry
Making bets
Fruit of your Life
No Hemorrhoids
Presidential Promise
The carburettor
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea
Indecent Exposure
Kentucky Kid
Redneck Jokes Galore!
Granny and her grandchild...
Rude Nusery Rhymes!
Lion Tamer
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody
Tombstone Epitaph VII
Is It Serious?
But I'm not a Giants Fan...
No Legs, Ditch
Mystery Writer
Bank Robbery
Loving it up at 85!
Men Like Paper Cups
African Missionary
Rejection Letter Form
Letters to President Clinton
Can You See?
A Cynics Guide to Life:
Top 10 Reasons God Created Eve!
If a frog parks.
Learning to Cuss
Leave It To The Kids
Casket Talk
Twice a week!
You might be a Redneck JEDI if...
The Shrink's Revenge!
Tree Talk
The elephant\'s trunk transplant
Lawyer Source
Alter Your Course!
PMS and the Bible?
Mom Before Date
More Redneck Clues.
Emergency Kit
Only in America...
Throw Up!
Good news?
A lawyers tomstone.
Items from a teacher.
Long Amusement
How To Get A Man To Leave
20 Ways To Annoy A Public Bathroom Stallmate
Naming Children
The workers prayer!
God Quotes
Computer use of a blonde!
The Promotion
Confucius Joke
New Words for the 90s
Your very first time!
Half Drunk
The Typical Male Decision Process!
Brains for Sale
True Story
Guess the instructions.
Swallowed a Pillow
World According to Student Bloopers
Roses for the Wife
Bilingual Dog
Why Gynecology?
Discovering America
Mercy Hospital
The man buying farm animals...woo-hoo!
Beer Bottle
Titantic and Clinton!
A pedophile dies in a car crash and goes to heaven...
Safe Blonde
A Redneck Christmas
The Blonde at School
Useless Inventions
Did you hear about the woman who has five legs?
Clinton To Die
Blonde quickies 141-160
Why Santa Has No Kids
New Insurance Policy
Politically Correct LEXICON
Celtic Mortality
A Child's Prayer
What\'s the Beer for?
Criminal Hall of Shame
Ultimate rejection!
What does ADIDAS stand for?
Polak Get Whipped
Post Election Toast
What is God?
Farts With Lumps
Farmer Joe and his Mule
Sid and Barney play golf
The two condoms...
The Physical
No Card
Army vs. Marines!
Bad Timing
First Thing After Sex
Now that I\'m older...
Blonde and Pizza
Why were blondes created?
A woman\'s three biggest lies.
Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
Research results are in!
Real news headlines 01
In good hands?
Pre-Mammogram Exercises!
How to Hunt Elephants -- VP Style
The Braggart Gets His!
New Name
Solving Bat Problem
Elderly Blonde
Stupid Insults 1/31
Corporate Lessons!
A Blonde's Dream
Restaurants Like Microsoft
Did you hear that in New York State, the Stop And Shop grocery...
The Bartender and the Blonde
Drunk and The $20 Dollar Bills
Signs and notices 05
It's the way you say it
Police Officer
50 things to do at Walmart
You've been programming too long when
The Motor Home
Belly Button
DUMB Questions Part 2!
Bribery 2
Interesting facts
Knock Knock Jokes 10
Six Bad Days
A Penny For Your Thoughts
Names to Use in Prank Calls
In the ravine.
Ebonics As a Second Language
Sure signs that you're broke!
A Fish Story!
A fellow was shipwrecked with six lovely women...
No Chance
The Blonde Coyote
Three Times?
Who's In Charge
What's up Doc?
Clinton movie titles...
Dying Wives!
The Rusty Gates!
Can\'t Talk Now
Murphy's Law regarding Children
Last Ditch Effort
The Educational Toy.
The Blond and the Brunette.
I Will Not
Arkansas Crazy Law
The Redneck Capenter...
Green Half First
When is it OK for a lady to slap a midget?
Being Old and Bent
The Big Flood
Wittle Wabbit
50 things to do in an elevator
Suck It In
Valentines for the Ex!
Anniversary Gift
Turtle and a Blonde?
Work Better Than Sex
What time does the bar open?
Lesbian at the gynecologist.
Not Just Sex
Little Johnny and Venus Statue
College girl visits the doctor
A peasant was standing in a field chatting to a bull...
Patenting A Peach...
He\' Boss
It's Against the Law to...
A future fireman.
All Lawyers are Assholes
Thanks Doc!
Buckeyes vs Wolverines!
Threats Used in Dysfunctional Families
Ten Standing Ear To Ear
Mail carriers.
A Texan farmer goes...
Signs you may be a Canadian.
The Difference Is
Three Wise Women????
ne day, this man, Tony, died...
Got No Ears
A man is waiting for his wife to give birth...
The Ford Slogan
Having a baby.
Naughty Emicons!
Valentines, Redneck Style
Kid\'s Letters to God
Runaway Wife
Job Function at M&M
Panda Bear
Signs Your Relationship Is On The Rocks
Things not to say during sex!
Get a hot mama!
Locked Car
How do I know anything really exists?
Quote on Monica
Towards and Away
Beer, eh
Horsie Ride
First Man?
Real Business Signs
So you don not know Jack Schitt...
Difference between Malaysia & USA
Reasoning Test
Client Bill
Men Are Like Diplomas
Filing System
Relationships to Weddings
Why bikes are better than women!
California Crazy Law
An Orgasmic Problem
The Dream
It\\\\\\\'s hard to make a comeback when...
University Courses For Women
Yo mamma's so stupid...
Taxonomy of Medical Practitioners
Students Science Bloopers
A Message For The Manager
Married/Single Man Envy Riddle
Book Titles
Microsoft 2000
Turkey and the Bull...
Oscar Mayer™ Song
Fun Toungue Twister!
Act of Generosity
Trouble at the local bar...
Application To NYU-(Classic)
The bus crash.
10 Signs Santa Has Been Drinking
No more Jewish jokes!
Tea Time
Diet Plan
Golden Anniversary
Lost Chapter In GENESIS....
Blind Justice
The Parrot
If men had a vagina.
Rules to give to your Boss!
For Chocolate Lovers
Murphy\'s Laws on Sex
Wet Shift
Why She Crossed the Road
Something Fishy Here!
Gravol Label
How They
How Many Men Does It Take...
Why Birds Fly South
Human Resources Memo!
Crafty Mom
Your Momma\\\'s so fat
Another chicken crosses the road.
The Longest Duck Joke
The moment of truth!
Polak: Build Me A Box
I don't know her
Two pyscologists
Employer Quotes
14 Lawyer Quickies.
More Blonde Q and A's
The Name is Rose
Response To Roving Eyes
Sunburnt Manhood
Bart Simpson's Chalkboard Archive
Clear Weather?
Man\'s Intention
On Divorce
Great memory!
Lisping Midget
File Your Nails
Finding the "perfect" mate.
A hot meal
Attorney Hunting Rules
Just Like Dad
Magic Johnson on rollerblades...
Upset golfers
Psychological Christmas Songs
What sits at the bottom of the ocean and shakes?
Refrigerated Pussy
BAD Bunny Wabbit!
Anna\'s mom....
Truly stupid people 02
Common With Computer
If PCs Were Toasters...
Let me out!!!
Modem Addiction
Quick Ones!
His first church visit!
Twas the night before X-mas
Golfers and the Genie
The Pepsi plane crash...
Surgeon Preference
A sign
An Email From God!
Marry Me
Eight Times A Virgin
Dirty Birds
Real news headlines 08
Bear Hunting!
Real And Guilt Gifts
Pope, Graham, and Roberts
Chess Nuts
Women Drivers!
Aussie Trouser Snake.
Yabba Dabba
No Brained Women
Rabbit and Bear
The Enterprise/Toilet Paper
Golf Shorts-4
Unengaged Brain
Origin of Lawyers
Little Johnny
Short legged...
Knock Knock Jokes 11
Angry Wife
Affairs With Men
Having the equipment
Heavenly Help
The Name Game
The moral of the story is...
Those pesky mini-skirts
GOD's New Commandment!
This little Piggy!
Poachers\' Revenge
How to Hunt Elephants -- Math style
Women's Rights
Tombstone Epitaph IV
Blondes and Beer In Hell
Forever Patient
Top Ten Signs You're Becoming a Teenager
Church Collection Distribution
What will you do for golf?
The dumb blonde and her used car!
How Hell froze over.
Found At Gyms and Bars
God creates Woman.
Confucius Say
Cow Priced Like A Car
Beer quote
Where's my heart?
Black guy and a Puerto Rican...
Taking It With You
Memory Class
Yo Mamma so fat...
The Adoption
A Short Time to Live
His miracle drinks!
Locking For A Dentist
Mixed Not!
St. Patrick's Day
Polish Pickup Truck
A fly in my beer!
Letterman\'s Bad Surgeon General
Signs and notices 18
Pulled over.
Donald Duck
Careful what you wish for
Men Are Like Noodles
Rejected Childrens Book Titles
The Belt
Nag Nag Nag!
Peroxides and Black Men
Scared half to death
Top 10 signs Santa doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t like your kid.
Japanese Prostitute
Computer Illiteracy
Anyone Here
Signs your cow has mad-cow disease.
So Much Fun
A great new hearing aid
Tail Light On Bike
Priests undies
2 Bullets
The Italian
Canadian driving!
More Brains Than Dogs
Men Are Like
What a bonehead!
What is the difference between Madonna and the Panama Canal?
Like Cow-pats
Help Wanted
When God created Canada!
She Fetches All
Ebonics Xmas
Wisdom Quotes
Small Penis
A Woman\'s Rule of Thumb
A Blonde Question.
Real news headlines 10
Naming the Twins
Good Ring Bearer
Sugar In Urine
Show Me The Money!
Less Sex
Up in Heaven
Blonde on Flight
Questions & Answer Quickies!
Ring Those Bells
If a vegetarian eats vegetables...
Halloween funnies for kids!
Redneck Bonanza!
Rotweiler and Collie
Lord, what's a man?
An artist asked the gallery owner...
They Are Having Sex
Wedding Questions and Answers
A Few Ways to know if you are a Redneck
Bubba and Monica
Neutron Walks into a Bar...
Hillary and...
Penile Operation
Show and Tell...
Why is it so hard
Your co-worker is a computer hacker
Saddam and Clinton
Dairy queen--whopper
Birth Control Pills At 72?
Famous Beer Quotes!
Why don't cannibals eat clowns?
How to Hug
Alligator and a Bet
My wife...
Stupid Insults 8/31
Avoid While Waiting For Date
The Letter D Pulls Out
The Kowalski
New Work Policies
My Car was stolen!!!
Tossed Off A Ship
Sex While Pregnant
How Cold Is Cold?
Stupid Insults 13/31
Stop the count!
Two Boll Weevils
I lost my wife!
The Boy Who Thinks He\'s A Chicken
Suppository In Her Ear
The long and short of it!
Never hear a man say
Signs and notices 20
Miss My Ex
Where Am I!!!
The Dead Dog
Tips for Moving South...Yee-Haw!
On Jeopardy
The dilapidated wife!
Slide Under The Table
Real news headlines 06
Mother Teresa's Constipation
A little corporate humor
Your momma is so fat....
The ugly kid!
The Ballerina
yo momma
When to slap a midget?
Absentminded Doc!
Two In One Grave?
Divorce Can Wait
To Stop The Polish Cavalry
Ebonics 101
Can\'t do it
Subtract Ten
Tyson and OJ At the Vatican
Whats the square root of 69?
Bill Clinton Top10...
Different Balls
Long Tongue
Feeling Sorry For Him
Dog with no legs
Using the Elevator
On the road again.
Bill Clinton\\\\\\\'s Song
Say After Sex
Right to Light
Tired of male bashing?
Three Dead Guys
Snowman and a vampire?
Blind deer jokes
FBI Want-Ads
Bad waiter.
Jose can you see!
Polak Detective
Lottery Winner
How to kill a blonde
Writers Quotes
Good advices
Like Spaghetti
A Shaggy Bear Story
Where does Bill Clinton have sex?
Fart, farts everywhere!
21 types of pissers!
Classified Ad Bloopers!
She\'s not a babe, she\'s...
Artificial Insemination
Gay Hired Hand
Jay Leno Jokes!
A little old lady sits at the luncheonette counter...
Blonde Swims the english Channel
Grandpa is fine.
Medical Record Quotes
Not me Sarge!
Unusual State Laws
A 12 inch ___
The Gay in the Bar
Mexican Olympians
The Beggers
Magic Mirror
Scottie (Star Trek)
Lipstick problem!
The mime!
Black minister...
New Workplace Terminoloy to Learn!
ghost shit
You know you are in a small town...
Pet Peeves!
Pregnant Maid
Paranoid Idiot
A Woman's Experience With Children
Kids Say The Darnest Things !!!!!
Polish Parachute Lessons
Painting Contractor
Actual product instructions.
Stupid Insults 30/31
Bad Joke
Happy Thanksgiving
To Computer: Is there a God?
Please Save Her!
President Clinton
The freaky stuff you
Shoe shopping
Lunch Box Lids
Wedding Tragedy
Knitting Blonde
Adjust the Chair
Old man from Trent - Limmerick
Befits of Obesity
Riddle me this???
Doctors Daiquiri
Least Popular Halloween Handouts
Sex operation!
Dress Shop Burglary
Super models
Knock Knock Jokes 14
Join A Club
Mother In Law Happiness
Good boys
The Contest! (Very long, Very adult)
Perks of being over 40...
The Rubdown
Pushing it!
AMERICA: Passing the Blame
There was a farmer, sitting on the front porch of his house...
Darn Candle!
"Very Offensive" Space Shuttle Jokes.
Polaks Come Back To Fish
Stupid Insults 9/31
The New Samurai
The Union Worker.
Wheat Field Blonde
Marriage Ups and Downs
A smart Blonde
The Blonde and the Alligator
Amish Couple
Brain Missing
Power to the farmers!
You're Drinking Too Much Coffee When . . .
Getting Excited at the Zoo
Goodbye To Bin Laden
Little Johnny at it again!
Baking humor
The Interview.
A Blonde Goes On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
A Childs View Of A Retirement
Careful what you say if she's pregnant!
Terrorism: Doing our part...
Knock Knock Jokes 12
Exercise While Pregnant
Why I Brought Her Home
I've got a rash
Smart Kid!
Doctor, Doctor
More Brain Cells Than A Cow
An Hour of Pleasure
Encyclopedias for sale
Nearly Fatal Clock
Celebrating Blondes
Why are E.T.s eyes so big?
Liver and Cheese.
Men Like Microwave Dinners
The Pastor\\\\\\\'s Last Stand
Two Spuds!
Polish Battle Ship
Fighting Over 25c
Surgical Error
Coin Swallowing
Bible Study Bloopers
Man, Woman, Santa?
101 Ways To Annoy People
Bad dog
Why did the skeleton burp?
Bloke is drinking at a pub...
The new car.
Shooting Cans!
Love the Dentist Quote
Sun Roofs
Star Wars Update Changes
I\'m not fishing!
Lone Ranger
10 reasons why a dog doesn`t use a computer!
How to Hunt Elephants -- Comp Sci Style
Letters To Landlord
Doughgirl Is Sick
What is a Teenager?
Top 10 Ways Y2K Will Affect Disney World
Dat Ain't Bubba
Yo Momma Jackpot!
Rooster Difference
Lipstick Stains
Stupid Insults 20/31
Knock Knock Jokes 7
A Kind Lawyer
Eyes Light Up
Gun Barrel
The Recruits
Preventative Medicine
Toddler Miracle Diet!
Gates Vs GM
Caught In Zippo
Clarification Of Corporate Lingo
Looking For Anya
Chuckie Chicken
Bloodied Vampire
Getting a date.
Computer Terms
The Blonde at a Bar
Punishment For Bigamy
Random Ramblings!
New Computer Virus
Can You Read This
Top ten least popular self help books
New Factory
Australian Kiss
A Round of Golf
Let Go Please
Bermuda Triangle
Curly Toes
Marriage Quotes 3
Razorback Hogs
More Computer Viruses!
Deer Tracks
Marriage quotes 15
Italian, Black, and a Jew
The secret code word...
Great reason to drink beer!
The talking clock!
Polak At Guillotine
Tickle Me Elmo
What Floor Please?
Contract With The Devil
Signs that you may be a drunk!
More great Blonde shorties!
The Smashed Kitty!
The Life Of The Party
How to hunt elephants -- Lawyers style
Bowling Team
What is the last thing each Tickle Me Elmo doll...
15 Ways to be Annoying
After Man, God Said...
Make My Horse Laugh
New Medication
Herpes Prevention
Unfaithful Mates
Another Dog With No Legs
Adages and Questions
Humor relating to Iraq
Yo Mama\'s So Fat...
Things in Life I've Learned.
Naval Surgeon
Officer Involved Shooting
Good/Bad Car Accident
Biker boss in Heavan.
3 Sick Soldiers...
Fun Test!
Shootin Craps
Air disaster
When I die...
Don't look down!
Polish Guy At the Beach
George W and the VP...
You Mama\'s So Ugly...
Email Like Penis
The talking peanut.
Can\\\'t Hear
Job for Mom
Man On Sofa And Football Watcher
Credit Card Commercial That Never Was
Gorilla in a Tree
Leader of the HMO
Wrong Operation
Top Twenty Oxymorons
The Russian who made a wish.
The blonde bank robbers!
Christmas and a day at the office?
Nothing Works
Computerized Payroll (Y2K)
Top 10 things men know about women.
Bragging Cowboys
Poor batman!
Things adults learn from their kids.
How to Annoy People at Work
Mom's Brownies Recipe
Quiz For My Smart Friends
In your Face!!!
Politically correct seasons greetings
Lawyer's Dog
Top 15 Good Things About a Cold Winter
A Koala and a Hooker
Animal Crackers.
Trying To Fly
In Communication With The Office
Redneck on a Computer
Scaled Glass Wall
The Colonel's Order
Quotes from stupid 02
Men And Cats Similar?
Santa in Ethiopia
Hamlet\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Cat\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Soliloquy
Bathroom reading material
Real news headlines 11
Cars that Start
Try to explain women
How Do You Feel?
Super Bowl Tragedy
Snowmen & Snowwomen
Oh boy!
Aren\'t You Sorry?
Good Samaritan
Priest Vs Rabi Confession
A birthday party
Blonde Horses Around
Very Short Lists
Return the Dog
DUMB Questions Part 4!
Joe, the neighborhood chronic borrower...
Bragging Mothers
Medical Terms - Ebonics Style!
Protestant to Catholic conversion.
Because I'm a Guy!
Things You'll Never Hear A Woman Say
One Drink too many!
Blondes & OJ
US Air Force Humor!
50 Things to Do in a Mall
Addicted to AOL!
Cough Cure
Taking Dweebonics Classes
Blue Elephants
Looking For Jean Paul
Dead dog
17 Facts of Life
\\\'Breviated Medicul Dickshunnary!
The inmates last wish!
Why Black?
What\\\'s orange and sounds like a parrot?
Stupid Insults 31/31
Invisible Man
Types of Men Pissers
Signs and notices 17
The Chinese construction worker.
Great Reasons To Be A Guy!
Look at me!
Worst Analagies Written By High Schoolers
Naked Mower
The Case of the Smoked Cigar
Room in Hell
The Golfers
Blonde Inventions!
The Irishman\'s Last Stand
The 3 shrinks!
The Kilted Scotsman
Manage your stress!
How to give your Cat a Pill.
We\'re Rangers!
51 Ways to Annoy Everybody
There were these three morticians talking about...
God's Son
Signs and notices 04
Studied For Five Days
Calling the shots.
Soakin' Wet!
Bad News, Good News, Great News...
Marriage Secrets...
Lord, forgive me...
Alternatives to Win95
Great Dane
The Prescription
Tattoo of Turkey And Santa
To Have Him Back
4 nuns go to heaven
Keep the Motor Running
Married Men\'s Magazine
Signs and notices 01
Funny Instruction Labels
Dear Abby
Condom Slogans
In the beginning...
1 wish ?
Marriage Quotes By Men
Counting Sheep
White House Ghosts
Shellfish Crab
Michael Jackson Funnies.
Creative Sex!
The 12 marriages!
Genie bottle
Make a Wish
The Operation
Reasons Women Should Not Have Freedom of Speech
Taking Temperature
Tuns of PunsGalore - Part III
a babtist and a catholic preacher
Well Done!
Money for panites.
Excuses To Use When Caught Sleeping At Work
Great Lover
Men At Singles Bars
Pulling Teeth
Lessons from Noah\\\'s Ark
Bill Clinton & Hillary
10 reasons why it sucks to be a penis!
Bus Full of Politicians
Dead Rabbit
Miss Right
Too Much!
What Ever Happened to Buckwheat?
Picasso Saves Sight for Sore Eyes
The SUPER Salesman...
Computer And A Woman:
Digital clock
People who don't believe in retaliation...
Driving miss blondy
200 Midgets
Let Me Warm You
Two guys standing at the urinal.
Light bulb
A day late.
Food Better Than Men
Herc, Snow White & Quasie!
Your mom is soooo fat...
Confessing To Extramarital Affairs
My husband's last wish!
The Three Idiots
Three Larry's
Another dress
Phrases Useful in the Workplace
Girls and Hockey
Caught in the Amazon Jungle...
mBragging about old times
Weather Lesson
Give Them a Shock
Faux Fun--groaner deluxe
Baby Hermaphrodite
Gems of Wisdom
Redneck Dating practice
Bar Joke
Your Momma\'s so stupid...
What is the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
WARNING: These are RUDE.
Paddy the Puddy Cat sitter...
6 Double Vodkas
Pantsy Golfer
What occurs twice in a lifetime...
Gas Attack
Wedding Toasts 2
Praying Parrots
Don\'t Do To Wife In Labor
Why do....
Soviet Sausage Joke #1
Some Whimsical Sayings
Strong Britain
Give the frog a loan
Misbehaving Guide Dog
2 Docs on a Date.
Things Learned From Children
Another Bill Joke
You\\\'re a Redneck if...
Bill Gates Dies in a Car accident.
Golfer Pays His Respects
Blonde paint job
Questions that have Confused humankind!!
Redneck Morals
Blonde Goes Shopping
Lawyer: Send Me
Check's in the Mail
Things You'll Never Hear A Dad Say
Weighing In
Dragging your feet
Hellen Keller
The new priest gets drunk!
This morning I woke up to the unmistakable scent...
Cold Bikers
Expressing Stupidity!
Bathroom Privileges
Funny bubbles
The Old Drunk
My King Henry joke
Polack With Razor
New Language Courses Ameirca
The virgin and the farmer boy.
Little Rascals Vocabulary Lesson
Crossing Women Riddle
The Golden Urinal
POE and PCs
White Gown?
Agnostic Insomniac Dyslexic
Polish Wedding Night
The drunk.
Psychoanalysis Quicker For Men
Light Bulb Jokes Galore!
How does a blonde like her eggs in the morning
Siamese Twins in England
Diff Between Bar and Clitoris
The Old-Age Test!
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
The perfect couple.
Products we could do without!
Learn your ABC's - Mom Style!
Why The Man Crossed The Road
Sister Mary K.
Souped Up Lincoln
Yo Momma is so fat
There was this little boy who went in the whore house...
Deaf Genie
Yo momma so fat
Three women nicknaming their husbands.
Bad Breath
Real news headlines 13
Her Age
Your mama so stupid
The Road Runner
Ever Wonder?
Ebonic Medical Dictionary
Women Get...
Mixed Emotions
It's the same thing!
Why Babies Need Lots Of Clothes
New dog breed
Blonde quickies 181-200
Polish Power Outage
First Body Part to Heaven
Nixon and Clinton Similarities!
Ladies - here's the Pefect Man!
Eyes closed
TV Rubbish
The two bee\'s
M & M Factory
Fly Buzzing
What goes "click click, Is that it?, click click, Is that it?"
Red Light Driving
The Hypnotic Sermon!
Cigarette Warnings
10 commandments
Men Fart More Than Women
Did You Hear?
Crotchless panties
Hard of Hearing Genie
Revenge of the Blondes!
Going to the Doctors
After a Tonsilectomy?
Growing Wild
Student Bloopers - Part I!
An eminent teacher and thinker once expressed his philosophy...
More Redneck One-liners!
Give 100% at Work
The Angel atop a Christmas Tree
Be A Smoker!
I Blew Chunks
Men Compared To Mel Gibson
Men Are Like UFOs
The Sexy Secretary.
I received a letter from my bank the other day...
I Didn't Even Know!
Why cannibals do not eat comedians?
Women Appearance
In the bar.
Did you hear about that guy who was tap dancing?
Sex With Gorilla
Coffee is better than Women.
Bad Dog!
60-year-old man
The Suicide
Looking Great
Maid to order!
Just Before I Die
Enchanted Rattlesnake
Aliens At a Gas Pump
Talking Dog
Which day does a fish hate?
When I get out.....
Snowman Easier Than Snowwoman
Ride 'em Cowboy!
Overheard In Airplane
More Church Bloopers!
Puerto Rican Offspring
Wrinke Removal
New Computer Viruses!
I\'d Love To But...(Pt IV)
Fun At the Drive-Thru Window!
To the Dump
Little Johnny- F in Arithmetic
Hilarious Sports Quotes!
What is old, wrinkled, and hangs out your underwear?
AM Radio
Iowa Taxidermist in Alabama
May I take your order...
Tombstone epitaph II
Punkrocker's Hair
Most Men and Real Men
More Hose
Sleeping in Church
New course for men!
Windows 2000 Errors!
How did you know?
The Top Bad Excuses For Speeding
What a health plan!
I\\\\\\\'m A Wheelbarrow
Undocumented Windows Errors
Bad News 3
The River
Polak Garbage Bill
Yo' Mama Jokes
New Treasury Bonds
Monica Lewinsky and a change machine?
10 Way to know if you have PMS
This Santa is ticked off!
Bud the stud!
Flea Cure
Email Commandments
10 Reasons Not To Jog
25 Fun Pool Activities
Signs and notices 08
Custer's Last Thoughts
At the store.
Can\\\'t See
Mind over matter!
The Bar
Why don\'t Blondes...?
Mafia Job
St. Peter
Kid divorces his parents.
A widow was feeling rather lonely...
If K-Tel sold toasters...
Computers - Male or Female
The Facelift
Pick Heaven or Hell
A Blonde At Sea!
The Golden Toilet
New Scope
Who am I!!!
Hey Lady!
Cheap widow
Things learned from children...
The Bobbitt Prayer
Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t jump!
Italian Organ Grinder
Santa's Reindeer
The Dreams
Caught napping...try this one!
Deductive Reasoning
Polak Road Painter
Office Inspirational Posters
Wooden Airfield
Top10 Viagra Slogans.
Two Italian Stallions
Truly stupid people 01
The Hollywood/English Dictionary
Safety tip
134 Redneck Warning Signs (Long Joke)
Lots of Wit and Wisdom.
Chemistry's greatest achivement?
Random Blonde Jokes
Eating with children.
My Darling Son Letter!
Blonde in College
Golf Joke
Confucius says again...
Love Old and Feeble
Knock Knock Wannup
Mutated Gene
Catch the Phrase
Short Lawyer Jokes I
Top Ten Most Violent Upcoming Movies
Driving In Fog Riddle
Oopsy Daisy!
Men's Thesaurus
Men\'s Gourmet Restaurant
I can hear clearly now...
A crying shame!
Mother\'isms! (Long Joke)
Extremely Drunk
Reward for goodness
A really Corny Joke
A woman\'s random thoughts!
$10 000 For a Kiss
Andy Rooney Quotes
Two Elderly Ladies
The dieter's church!
Bad boy
Trip to San Francisco
Why Man, Then Woman
Who's Child?
What Do You Get When...
Doing Laundry
Marry You
Indian Humor
The Forrest Gump Connection!
TONS of Groaners. . .
Technological Doctor
No Such Thing As Good Man
Monkey Organization
16 years later
Football try-outs.
Signs and notices 12
Wedding Toasts 1
Valentine\'s Cards
Why Women Make Less
Why does Helen Keller wear tight pants?
Death in the Family
Red Phone
It all adds up!
How do you open a can of beer?
Jealous Revenge
Old Folke\' Party Games
Mailmans Last Day
I Wanna Be A Commie
Christmas party
Punishment for Gates
Rodney Dangerfield's Best One-Liners!
Bill\'s Death
Critical Vet
What do you call a vegetarian with diahrrea?
Medicine Cabinet
The Leprechaun
If Men were made by Kodak!
Idiot Chicken Farmer
Getting The Story Straight
New Rooster
Witches Brew
The game of golf!
The Blonde and the Shepherd
Are there Jews in China?
Need A Muscle Relaxant
Life of an Egg
Books on Tape We Don't Want to Hear
A Rock Solid Defense
12 Step Program of Recovery for Web Addicts
The Marriage Proposal.
How many seconds are in a year?
Signs someone is using your e-mail
Spell Ice Cream
Having Children Is Like:
Say That Again
National Anthem
Star Wars Ode to Y.O.D.A.
You need an operation!
Get Me Another Lawyer
How Deaf?
The God Campaign!
General\'s Funeral
Stinky Feet, Bad Breath
A young punk gets on the cross-town bus
Tuns of Puns! Part V
Redneck Logic
A Hot Day
Pretend You're A Statue
Your Momma
White House
Polaks Crossing A River
Women\'s T-Shirt Sayings!
Good and Bad News
Engaged To Kate and Edith
Advantages of older women...
The traffic ticket.
Southern Comments
Broken Commandmants
Country Song Titles
The Splice
Little Johnny and the experiment.
Daylight Savings Time Reform
Why are there so many Jones's in the phone book?
Holy Doctors
No Worms Please!
An Old Man\'s Dying Request
Men Snore Because
Be Poetic
Good, Bad and Worse
Just Ducky!
How do you make a tissue dance?
Have you ever seen a Ghost?
Prison and and the same!
Pierced ears for pirates
Bashing Blondes...part 3!
Learn To Iron
The Top 10 Signs Your Dentist Is Crazy
Difference Between Man and Woman Showering
Fascinating Little Johnny!
Helping the Doc!
A disabled sea captain
Banned Children\'s Books
Brushing the Child
A New Priest
Things you don't want to hear during surgery
Tombstone Epitaph X
George W Bush meets Moses!
The 9 Types of Boyfriends
Mens Endowments
No Batteries?
Bad News, Good News, Great News
The 5th floor!
Polak With Chainsaw
Most Religious
Frog meets a Psychic
Down and dirty!
The Perfect Gift!
The dinner guests!
Laugh twice
ONE with the land!
Books for College
Cold Politics
A photographer from a well known national magazine...
The Secret Diary of a Cat
The Witch
Stopped Using the Pill
It\'s a Bummer to be an egg!
Three Hymns
Presidential election
Happy Happy
Kiss Me The Way You Used To
Tuns of Puns! Part IV
Jesse James
3 buddies die in a car crash, they go to heaven...
Gorilla Chase!
Martha Stewart's Rules for Rednecks
Line Dancing
Wrong Answer!
Bird vs Fly
Top 50 Jokes!
Blonde quickies 221-230
Reasons For John\'s Sex Change
The Wolf Man...HOWL!
Physiotherapist and the Golfer
Prostitutes and Drug Dealers
Crowded Subway
10 Husbands
Festivity Levels
The Biker's decision.
Brand Name Condoms
A Room for a Night
The Florist
Twas the night before Christmas At The White House
The camping trip.
Feel Better
What Kind of Doctor?
Madonna, Britney and Christina
GOD\'s Kids.
Why Do They Do That?
A Blonde Visit to D.C.
Great Singer
Commitment Definition
The Difference Is ..
Three legged Donkey
Funeral Story
Men say = Men really mean.
Ancient History Explained...
Swallowed A Mouse
What do you get...
Things you'd really like to say at work!
What sits at the bottom of the bed and constantly takes the piss???
Sound advice from kids!
Excuse Me, Your Fly Is Unzipped
Di and Dolly Go To Heaven
If You Love Something....
You've got mail, the Blonde version
Pregnancy Test
Two Cannibals
Diet for Stress
Cocktail Party
Tracks In The Woods
Angelic Husband
You're hired!
Point Of View
Mother In Law With Broom
Tuns of Puns! Part III
Newest game at the whitehouse
The massage!
Rabbit Catching
Constipation Remedy
Driver's Test
The Rooster
The Mom Dictionary!
Light Bulb 3
Blonde and Toothbrush
Coffee Addiction
Your momma is...
Everyone Is Busy
Stupid Insults 21/31
Even in Disguise
A Dent in the Pile!
25 Rules for Women
Height Problems
Sexual Tension Quiz
Stressed out?...try these!
That is ONE!
Bible By College Students:
~*How to make a Blonde Laugh*~
Wendy Tatoo
Deck of Cards
You be the Judge!
Hikers meet headhunters.
Bingo Card
Freedom Cost Him An Arm
Two drunks
Said in court
Cosmetic Surgery
Cupid at Law
Longest word
What women would do if they had a penis for a day
Me Tarzan!
Signs You\'re On A Bad Date
Meet the Genie
Headache Cure
Fur Fortune
Women's Breasts Like a Train Set
Cool Bumper Stickers!
How many mimes?
Old & New concerns.
At the shoe store...
what do you get when a chicken cross the road falls and...
Girl Talk
Represent Christmas
White House news release!
Stupid Insults 14/31
The nursing home.
Putting it in.
Quiet In Church
Living with the Wolf Man
Signs and notices 16
VanGogh Family
Chemical Properties of Woman